Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy (Rug) Hooker's Luncheon

The weather here in northeastern New Brunswick has been unusually warm. There were severe weather warnings for the inland of New Brunswick & the shoreline morning skies truly showed it. Very eerie.

It was very early in the morning & the house inside was all lite up from the morning sky! 

 I grabbed my camera & cautiously ran down the stairs, it was this time of year, that I took that horrid fall in the Anniversary Garden. I had just the enthusiasm that I had looking at this wonder of nature.

 Oh my, I did not know if I was going to go to the Richibucto Rug Hooking luncheon.

 I was caught in a rainstorm a few years back & have not recovered from the trauma of the downpour of rain & the inability to see past the windshield!
But weather cannot be controlled & our area is not to have any rain until the evening. So I'm going!

Night Before.....

The night before the Richibucto Rug Hooking luncheon, I wanted to make a cover for the square hooking frame. The barbs around the wooden frame really hurt.
I had made one for the octagon frame & didn't realize till measuring, that they are both the same size!
When I put the Dalmation fabric down to be measured & cut it,  Rexton saw it as her blanket!

                                        She just loved the feel of this plush velvet texture!

              And the move I told her to leave & get off the fabric, the more she just ignored me!
 She got more comfortable...
 Stretched out & started grooming herself! Enough, it's getting late & I need to make this cover.
I physically picked her up & placed her in her basket.
It did give me the idea! I'll make her a pillow covering for her basket in the Dalmatian fabric.
And I had planned on making jackets for Baxter & Bridget in this fabric! I should have enough. ;-)

Marva, a fellow rug hooker & I drove together to the rug hooking luncheon. The morning was so warm & breezy, tropical even!
We arrived before our group of Miramichi Rug Hookers, so I got busy with my camera.
This group has been very busy & their work is exquisite!

I have seen this vintage Three Pigs rug on the web, this is the first time seeing it done in front of me!

Awe, so sweet! It made me think of my son Mitchell & I, we have a bear connection.

So effective! Just two colours, showing another medium of creativity, the quilters thread is real!

Bernice showing a technique to a fellow quilter. Remember her! I will be showing you some of her fantastic rug hookings!

                                   This took me back to a pond in England! Beautifully done!

                                             Summertime butterflies, fluttering about!

                                                              Geometric rugs & fish!
             This geometric rug reminds me of the quilting square of the hourglass block.

The Richibucto Rug Hookers all did this Canadian project together. It will be hung on the wall, of this  Golden Age Hall.
                                                        These two pieces were done by Bernice!

This other piece was done by Bernice & won the Nova Scotia hooking event! Love sheep!

And this very large Santa Claus was done by Bernice too! This woman does the best work!!

I talked to this rug artist & she said to give Bill's MACH I a try in the rug hooking medium. Hmmm

                                                         Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

                                                     Wow, just love anything Canadian!

                        The Fairlane 500 artist also did this Santa Claus with the Christmas tree.

             Marva's fish, I'd like to give this one a try for the new kitchen, it looks like such fun!

I love, love, loved Marsh's little lamb. She & her sister purchased one from a knitting shop going out of business. I wish I had one! I have a 'thing' for sheep!

                                 This rug says it all! We were all so welcomed at the luncheon!

Marsh at the front door, she would be giving out blue & red tickets. Blue was for the large pink basket & the blue for the several smaller baskets. We were also given Lupin seeds, with a lapel pin from Richibucto, & another label pin wing the New Brunswick provincial flag! But wait there was more... also a flyer of tourism Richibucto & a pen! Love Richibucto hospitality & its hookers!

Miramichi rug Hookers Arrive!

                        Look at the smiles & see the hugs, such a warm welcome for all!

   Found another piece of Bernice's work, my friend Sandy would love this wee purse!

                                                      Who wouldn't love this little green fellow?!

The legs at the bottom of this Snowgirl is the rug hooker. Lol, she made this from a primitive pattern & had help from her granddaughter to pick out the bright colours. The soft pink was angora wool, so, so soft!

                                 Beautiful lovely hearts, just great for Valentines Day, or any day!

                                      Mary Lou, from our group, made this red & white, circus clown.

She also did these two pieces. I found the chickadees fully finished, at the Goodwill a few years back & purchased it to make a pillow. It is in a bin or box somewhere...

                                                           Busy, busy, fun afternoon!

This is Katie's work! She is one talented woman, I always enjoy seeing what she is working on!

Hello Bernice! She's busy with a pumpkin, best get moving if you want it done for Halloween! lol

Lima is working on here Swedish Weaving, so labour intensive but beautiful when finished!

                               Busy caring & sharing rug hookers, we had such a great time!

Now For The Ticket Draw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

YES!!! My ticket matched the big basket draw! This lovely woman was one of the main organizers & gave out many kind gifts to our group.

Now The Small Basket Draw!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                        Lima won the first drawn ticket!

                                       Mary, one of our newest members, won the second ticket!

                                    Margaret, another new member, won the third basket!

                                And Marva, the one I came with, won the last, fourth basket!

               The room was full of lovely rug hookers & laughter! Such a good time had by all!
We will be hosting the Richibucto Rug Hookers in the spring & wow, they are a tough act to follow!

Home again, here is my beautiful basket! Such presentation in all that the Richibucto Rug Hookers did for us!
                           In my basket was this sweet pink hand knit cable knit hat & scarf.

What a wonderful hull! There was so much in this basket, a pink hat/scarf, green/white knitted dishcloth, knitted pumpkin, deck of cards, body wash, body lotion, photo frame, silk bag with two bracelets, bottle of water, button flower wall hanging, & a Joan Moshire's 'The Littlest Angel' rug hooking pattern. How thoughtful & lovely was this basket!

Thank you Richibucto Rug Hookers for such a wonderful afternoon. Looking forward to hosting you in the spring of 2018!

As I was putting this together I wanted a photo of the puppies. That was not going to happen!

                                                            Baxter on top of Bridget.

                                                      Come on you two, just sit nice...

                                  They would not even look at me! It was full out playtime!

                              They race & wrestle each other & then poor Rexton if she is around.

They sure have a lot of energy but it is early morning & they've had their breakfast, which is followed by playtime. Then their morning nap, that's my time! Lol

 January 2014
2005-2016 January 2014

I came across this photo of Boris Loree, my sweet little man. He sure looks thick compared to the two young 9-month-old whippersnappers I now have.
I loved this dog so much, he really was my true companion dog. He traveled so well too, we made 14 trips together from New Brunswick to Ontario, every year twice a year! Such wonderful memories.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope that you enjoyed viewing all the artisans' rugs!
Have a wonderful Fall weekend, our weather is going to be great here. The grass needs to be cut again & my lilies are going to bloom again.
Oh, my... snowmageddon is going to happen this winter!

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  1. What a fun bunch of rug hookers. Congratulations on your big win. Nice stuff in that basket. You look great in that pink knitted set.

    Those two puppies are so hilarious. I know you enjoy them but I also know how you miss Boris. You can never replace someone you loved so dearly. I still have my my moments where I miss Nicole so very much. She had the nicest sincere smile you could ever see.
    Hugs, Julia