Monday, July 17, 2017

Family, Fun, Summer Week

It was a fast weekend, last weekend. On Thursday, Donald, his girlfriend, Stephanie, granddaughter Madison, & Bill would all fly in on the same flight. Bill often says he could be a travel agent with all his flight time planning! lol
Then everyone but Madison would fly back on Sunday morning. Here are a few photos of that weekend, with a new surprise to share with you!
 Margie, my neighbor called & told me to look out the window. I ran for the camera when I saw these two, momma & the wee doe behind her.
 And then they were gone. Wow, deer can sprint very fast! I was a pleasant surprise to see them!

Let's Look For Clams!
 Since the tide was out, Bill had the idea to look for clams with, Stephanie, Maddy, & Donny.

 The water was warm. I still will not go in the water... someone needs to take photos! lol

Everyone was enjoying wading on the sandbars.

 No clam's today.

 Summer fun with the family though. :-)

 Even the fur kids were having fun!

 Donny was doing some weight training, bringing in large rocks for the gaps in the breaker wall.

 You can see that he hits the gym, daily!

 He & Diesel Llyod, both were singing away, how nice the day was! lol

 Maddy, With Bridget,  on the look out for living 'things'.
 Maddy grabbed the tug & Bridget gave up & came ashore.

 Grandpa helped her find some baby shrimp for her tug.

 Digging & turning up stones to find even more shore life!

 Maddy running for tug to release them into it.

 What a heavenly afternoon it was!

 I love it when the family feels the joy that I experience every day, living here!

 These two truly are soulmates!

It was Stephanie's first trip to the Maritimes & I know it will not be her last!

 Reflection of that beautiful day in one of the bay windows.

 Grandpa teaching Madison to work the tractor. She rode the John Deer lawn tractor at the Carroll Cottage & loved it!

 And she was off!

 Madison will be 14 years old, next month & took to riding the equipment like she was raised on a farm!
She was slow & very cautious, & did a wonderful job mowing!

 Maddy drove closer to the rock of the breaker wall, closer than I ever had!

 I told her this was the beginning of driving & she's going to do OK!

 She is careful!

 Her dad even knew she cautious & left her alone.

 Stephanie enjoyed sitting on the new deck! Lucky for us, the weekend had great weather too!

 Dinner At Andrew's Fish & Chips

 Donny & Stephanie treated us to a belated anniversary dinner at our favourite fish & chip place.
I took a photo...
 Then Bill took a photo...

 Then, thanks to a friendly stranger, that took our photo, the whole gang is in the photo now!

 The puppies are shredders of an empty strawberry basket, you just cannot leave the room for a minutue!
Every had a great weekend! Even the visiting dog, Diesel Llyod!

Hope you too had a wonderful summer weekend.
More blogging on my visit with Madison, later this weekend.

Have a wonderful week, wherever you are! Savor Summer!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the precious moments of the past weekend. How sweet it must have been.
    I used to did clams on the beach when the tide was low and the sand bar were out of the water. I'd look for a hole and I would put my heal over the hole and pump with my heal. It made a suction and it would pull the clam up and as soon as I felt it on my heal, I would pick it up. Yes we were young and that's how we dug for clams. They were washed in the sea water and cooked on the beach. So yummy. That was ages ago.

    Happy belated Anniversary. I love Fish and Chips too.

    Hugs, Julia