Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What A Week!

And this week has not ended yet!
Exercise & lawn mowing tomorrow & the Miramichi Plant Sale on Friday, with Heather.

Here are the some photos of our EBH Plant Sale last Saturday. Nearly everything was sold out & my basket aprons were a big hit! The full ones sold out & the 1/2 aprons, I now have one left!

I was located in the back corner, next to the tea/coffee area & away from any plant dirt.

                                   Karen had a green thumb, she had so many plants for sale.

 It's so refreshing seeing so much green, after the long, cold white,  winter we had.

 Margie brought lovely, colourful, fabric flowers. These are placed on the cemetery headstones.

                          Karen also had beefsteak & cherry tomato plants, they all sold!

 Kathrine had bulbs, seeds, & live plants. Those Tiger-Lily bulbs went home with me & some seeds!

Home Front - Pet Report~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I've been putting red scarves on the cats now, so when Canada Day arrives, they will wear their Canada Day fabric scarves with ease/pride! Rexton is styling it?!

                                                                    I think I bore her?!

 She does look lovely in red, so much like the puppies! When the three of them are wrestling, I don't know who is who!!

                                      Old Tom just wants the show model to get out of his bed!

 Baxter is not staying home these days, he is touring the neighbours property & looking in their basement windows or patio doors. His neuter day is on Tuesday! Poor puppy. :-(

                                    10 days of rest time for him & wee Bridget-Loree. They will be at home & on their property, whilst healing.

 This is trouble, Mr. Boots now rules the house, the puppies are terrified of her & move aside.
She has even started chasing them, she has turned into a real bully. Sometimes I hear a pup wimpering & it's because she has them in a room & sits at the doors opening, not allowing them to pass. They are terrified of him, he out weighs them too, at 22lbs now!

 Poor Rexton... Good attention, bad attention, she just wants attention & allows the pups to maul her!
They don't even like eye contact with Mr. Boots. lol

Not Again!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This morning, I just went to brush my teeth & when I went into the kitchen...  What?!!!

                                            White yarn was on the mat, on the floor., going ...

                                      Around the island, wrapped on the bench...

 Right into Baxter's crate! With him hiding inside when he heard me with the 'What is going on?!!'
Notice the yarn going from his crate to Bridget's crate?!

 Yes, they were both guilty of taking my yarn from my sewing room & putting into their rooms!!

Bridget was sucking on it like it was spaghetti!  You can see why puppies can get themselves into trouble. I normally put them in their crates when I leave the room. I won't make that mistake again!

 I tried to untangle the white from the last  snatch & go, now I fear it is even worse! O Canada, it will take some time to make this mess into a ball of yarn. My bad, for not putting them into their crates when I left the room.

The Seamen's Hospital Visit

I was at the Seamen's Hospital today in Miramichi, formerly Douglastown. The funding for restoration & repairs, were announced & a tour & refreshments were served afterwards.
This hospital, built in 1830, is the only Marine Hospital in North America & it's right here in the Miramichi! I use to go to quilt guild meets there, a few years back & I just loved the charm of this building. The location of this hospital is beautiful too, as it faces the mighty,  Miramichi River.

This is a building well worth saving for future generations, it is the history of Miramichi!
All the windows will be replaced, just about half are done now.

           A outstanding feature to the roof line is the 'cupola', standing on Grecian columns.

The three levels of government are helping with this huge undertaking & the 2017  Executive have worked hard to make it happen.

This building has been a part of the community, since it was built. I'm so glad that it's now, since 1995, a Historic Property of Miramichi Heritage Inc.

And Now I'll Take You Inside!

 The Miramichi Mayor, Adam Lordon, gave his speech first. I was so surprised to learn, that this well articulated, young man was the mayor! So different to the ones I was use to in London Ontario!
And that is a good thing! Several London mayors,  made the news... not in a good way.

 Seniors & long term care minster, Lisa Harris talked about positive effects of saving heritage properties.

 Then the president, for this historical property,  Christel Pond spoke of the work going on & what more work is to be done. Followed by a tour, explaining the process & extent of work, that has already been done.

 The secretary, Judy Vautour spoke about the historical property & gave us an insight to the history of the building & what it has been used for in the past.

 It was a wonderful day & the weather was also gracious, adding to the day. The photo is out front of the hospital, where you'll find the dedication plaque. This all over looks the Miramichi River!

 A big thank you from me, for making & taking the effort to keep history alive for the future generations. This hospital is the last in North America & will stand tall for many more generations!

 Christel's commemorative quilt was on display for the 150th Canada anniversary,  her other labour of love, was the restoration to The Seamen's Hospital.

Christel then took us on a guided tour of the Seamen's Hospital~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 This is a sampling of the commercial flooring that will be installed later this month.

 This is the original fireplace on the first floor, there is another one above it, on the second floor.
It is no longer operative but electric logs give the feeling of  what, once was.

 The brickwork is from the 1800's & original. Don't you just love the tradesmen's work back then?!

               In the kitchen the counter-tops will be replaced with a light textural counter-top.

 Christel holds the floor sample up, this flooring will go in the kitchen & the men /women bathrooms.

The sink will be replaced with a vanity & the lower window will again be exposed but with a frosted bottom to give privacy, yet still allowing in the light.

The Upstairs

 The ceilings are much lower upstairs, this is an area that was once used for the founders of the Miramichi Quilt Guild. They had their quilt night the same night that the fiddler's would play. So as they stitched & had conversation, they would enjoy listening to the fiddles!
Now it is just storage & in the center of the photo, you can see the second fireplace.

                                                                 Small, bright room.

 A larger room with lots of light shining in. All the painted floors are original.

                                Long hall running outside of the rooms we were just in.

 The last room, at the end. In it is the original storage cupboard. How delightful to see such pieces, left as they were back in 1830's!

 The interior of the cupboard. Oh how my primitive styling friends would love this piece!

 I think the staircase is original & was very solid, the steps were easy to descend on.

 I asked if the mayor of Miramichi would mind if we had a photo together, what a credit to this city.
Thank Joycelye, for taking such a great picture of us!

It was a great day today, a different day, one that I enjoyed very much!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, like you, I'm finally catching up with reading posts. It's been another incredible busy day as right after feeding the calves I had to drive my granddaughter for an appointment and I had to take care of the Cypress and Willow the baby. To make a long story short, it took all my morning and afternoon till 3:00pm. Then I watered my plants and garden till it was time to go back to the barn. It was so hot and sunny, some of the plants I planted on Sunday were wilting in the heat.

    That was a great plant sale and I'm looking forward to seeing your Tiger lilies bloom. I knew that your pocket aprons would sell like hot cakes. You always make such nice things.

    You are so patriotic, putting red scarves on your pets and it's a good thing to get them used to wearing them before Canada Day.

    Oh oh, that's quite the mess those two got into and they can't hide their guilt. So funny the trail of yarn, lol...

    I never knew this about the Seaman's Hospital. Thanks for the tour.

    That's quite a nice photo of you and the Mayor. He looks so young...

    I love Christel's commemorative quilt. It's so pretty.

    My lawn is a mess especially in the front as my husband damaged it with the heavy tractor but the grass is starting to grow but it's still an eyesore. Nothing is ever perfect, there's always something.

    Have a great rest of the week dear Cynthia.

    Smiles & hugs,