Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Canada Eh Quilt Done! And Puppies Are Bathed

With so much muck from the rain Baxter & Bridget are getting quite smelly, so we tried out the laundry room sink & both were bathed in Johson's Baby shampoo & tea-tree oil . They both smell so much better!
                   They still love me even though I put them through another bath time! lol

 Bridget is such a girly dog...

 Baxter is a handsome Boston, just not as quick as her. All in good time, things come to him.

 This week I taught them to shake a paw, Bridget was quick to learn... Baxter has finally got it! lol

 Bridget seems to always have her tougue out when she's relaxing, maybe when her teeth are all the way through, she'll stop that.

 Baxter loves to teeth on the large beef bones that I par boiled in carrots, celery, turmeric & ginger. I then placed the bone & juice into a empty yogurt container & frozen them.
 It fits in a loaf pan & the licking begins... for hours on end. Keeps him busy & out of trouble!

 Bridget just wants to sleep. I had them outside running & it was a warm day. I'm going to have to watch them in the summer, on those hot 'dog days'. Bone Popsicle days for sure.

                                                          Baxter is so food driven! lol

 Sleepy eyes...
 Snoozing in the bay window, with the sun on her, oh so comfy till...

                                          Baxter jumps up & takes her spot to chew a bone.

 He's starting to get sleepy too...

 And soon just flops down on her, she really looks impressed with him, still chewing the bone! lol

 The other night I washed their bedding & was waiting for the dry load to finish & that way they would have warm blankets & toys for their beds.
                                           They were so tired & just wanted to go to bed! lol

Talking on the phone...

Too quite in the kitchen, I could not believe what I was seeing with these two!!

 I was washing windows earlier that day when the phone rang, it was Bill's call from China.

 They were both guilty with this mess! Oh the trouble they find when left alone!

Next Day...
 Next day let's start fresh! Good morning Baxter Loree!

 Big stretch to start the day...

 Good morning Bridget Loree! She stretches & yawns, with the tongue out of course!

 They greet each other & we're on our way outside, every morning around 6am, this is the ritual. lol

 This was the sky this morning, I knew it was an odd morning, seeing pink everywhere!

 The Miramichi Bay was all pink too!

 It really gave a lovely silhouette to all the trees & a odd feeling seeing everything pink!

Pleasant Surprise!
 I love parsnips & my neighbour/friend Isie,  gave me a feed of them, fresh from her garden.

 They were so different from here harvest last year. I washed them up & I'm going to boil them with potatoes & them mash them up, to a whipped texture to put on a shepherd's pie. Yum! Thank you Isie! She is remarkable, it was day three after her chemo & she took me to the garden & we dug parsnips together! Isie you never stop amazing me!

Sewing Complete!
 From the upstairs mezzanine, I took this photo of the quilt. I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

 I added the maple leaf corner stones because I would have had to piece the plaid across the top. I thought that this would add more interest.
Off to the machine quilter next week & it will have to be a custom & I'd like to use it as a wall hanging in the foyer area.

Basket Aprons

 I've been making reversible basket aprons for the garden sale at the EBH Garden Club on June 3rd.

 It has a canvas material on one side & a Kaffe Fasset fabric on the other. You pull the center toggle  & pull on the twill tape to the desired size & then button it to the center button on the apron.

 This was my first one & with showing it to a friend... it was sold. I'll be making more for sure!

 It could be used for clothes pins too or anytime you want to carry shells home from a beach walk.

                    It looks like an apron until you pull the toggle in the center! How cool is that!!

With rain all this week, it will be best done with sewing!
The puppies are clean today but with all the muck around the outside of  house, I don't know for how long they will keep clean. I think I'm going to keep walking them up & down the gravel lane way.
They need to run fast & hard to wear them down. So much energy, I wish I could bottle it & use it for myself! lol

Have a great week, wherever you are!

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  1. Hi cynthia, those two sure can be a lot of work and they have much more energy left in them to get into mischief again, a good thing it's just a passing phase.

    I'm still in Ottawa and it's been either raining or overcast.
    We went to see the tulips along the Rideau Canal but a lot were not fully opened because of the overcast day.

    I love parsnips in stews or with carrots. I never saw some with deform roots. Parsnips need a deeply dug loose soil, free of clumps and rocks to grow straight. I bet they tasted just as good just the same.

    Your Canada quilt looks so lovely and I like the colors. I bet those aprons will sell like hot cake. You always have great ideas.

    I hope the St John River flood level has gone down before I return home tomorrow night. I wonder if my tulips are blooming yet. The daffodils were ready to open when I left.

    Take care. Hugs, JUlia