Thursday, October 13, 2016

October In Carroll Cottage

Well I arrived at Carroll Cottage May 6th and will remain here till November. The Hardwicke House has come a long way however, much more in the finishing touches has to be done.
The trio of cats that accompany me will need the calmness of the cottage & not air compressors, drills, hammering, & all those noisy, wonderful,  sounds of construction.

 So until it is time to move, we're all just going to be 'chillin' at the cottage. These two love watching the crows, blue jays, & chickadees, feed at the bird feeder.

Rexton has her own way of 'chillin'. She doesn't upset the ghost pumpkins next to her, she probably feels she owns those too! This is a cat with a personality like no other cat I've even owned. lol
She really is a lovely cat!

We,  Bill, Mitchell, Nicole, & I,  stayed at the Hardwicke House on Thanksgiving weekend.  The contractors manged to get the two bedrooms painted & one washroom, tiled & ready for use. Bill installed another toilet in one of the powder rooms, very convenient.
The only real glitch was that Costco lost our king size mattress & we had to sleep on the box spring with a double mattress on it. Have you ever slept with a ridge next to you? Not nice, getting in the bed or out of the bed. A week later they finally did find the mattress & all is well.
We moved back out of Hardwicke House after the Thanksgiving weekend as the trades start work at 7:30am & the cottage is only 7 minutes away, in the next town of Baie-Sainte-Anne.
Nicholas stayed at the cottage with friends from Nova Scotia, Mike & Sarah were to spend the long weekend with us & helped move the Pax wardrobes into my dressing room & also helped with the moving of my sewing things into the sewing room. All in all it was a productive fun weekend!

So the fun continued at the cottage!

Nick set up a archery shooting site, with several targets  & again...someone lost aim & everyone looks for the arrow. lol

                                                Not again...where is that arrow?!! lol

                            Not all shots were off target, some were very good & right on target!

The mosquito target - had a apple for the bulls-eye & it was hit several times!! Good aim guys!

                   The weekend weather was beautiful, allowing us to sit outside & watched the guys do their archery, as we enjoyed the day.

 Sarah did try her hand at a cross bow, wow that weapon makes a loud, scary sound, well done Sarah!

                                                             Nicole & I watched on.

 The day was full of sunshine & fun by all, Mike & Sarah have a hug that I was lucky to catch...
One of those Kodak moments! ;-)

                      Or one of those photo shots that you've been seen! Hi my guys! xoxoxo

They shot for most of the afternoon, then the sun started setting. It's now Fall but this Indian summer day was one they'll remember!

Then it was a cozy, oh so close in this small cottage kitchen, specially when a table leaf has been added! I've since removed that table & have the small, round, slate & chairs. I'll be adding the TV trays for the living room eating, when more are here. Remember TV trays?!! lol
Sarah looked at them in Bill's garage & said "Oh my Gram has those!" Too funny as I age & become one of those old people. What a privilege...  to grow old, with so many, that don't have!  A blessing for sure & so much to be thankful for in this lifetime.

 Then it was back to the Hardwicke House for a bon fire in the pit that Mitch dug out. His early years were with metal Tonka's & being on the tractor is his 60 beats a minute! lol  He also moved some black stone for later next spring.

                               The country & western song 'Dirt'... is so Mitchell William! lol

 The hole was prepared & the metal rim installed & now for the fire! Thanks Mitch. xo

                                                This is going to be a great place for a fire pit!
                               Bill & I enjoying our time together. Thanks for taking our photo Nick! xo

 Inside the Hardwicke House, this is my sewing room with the help of family & friends, my sewing table compliments of Nick (it was his gaming area at Kennon Place) the shelves were the boys when they were small & some of Namama's shelves were added too. I'll show more as I get organized.
Look at the view through the window!!! It was a gorgeous sunset that night!

I left my sewing room, which is next to the kitchen, to find everyone on their phones!!! Oh my I'm really beginning to show my age aren't I?! A sure sign of the times. ;-)

Thank you for stopping in for a visit. I'm having a lot trouble with the internet here & it takes forever for the photos & sometimes no internet. Grrrrrrr One more month till I'm in the Hardwicke House with the better internet, even with no fiber op or high speed. It's my lesson in patience.
I'll post more later.
There was a new to the Carroll Cottage, porch installed this week!

Everyone has something to be thankful for & I know I've just touched the surface in this wonderful life of mine!

Warmest regards,

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