Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Doors & Trim!

Today -Tuesday, Sept. 20th, take a look!  WOW doors & trim are just about done!

 A glace through the foyer, the open door is my sewing studio & the light is flowing through it, even on this overcast day. See the closet door on the right?!

 Here it is face one, I should have taken more time with this photo,  to show the Boston Header trim on top! I just loved the five panel door & in 2004 when we redid one of our London homes, I had to 'special order' it from a North Pole Trim & Door. It was not in the big box stores nor the Home Hardware yet. Don't you just love being ahead of interior trends, not really because you pay a lot more money for those 'special orders'! Anyway it's all through the new addition now!

 Here's the inside of my sewing studio, it was getting its final sanding today & the primer goes on tomorrow!

 The exercise room looks so good with the trim around the windows & Bill's office door install!

                                     Our master bedroom window are framed in trim too!

 Martin, the tile guy is busy tiling my bathroom. See the triangular, corner tiled seat on the right? I had to ask him, built it out another 2" all the way around, it was very uncomfortable to sit on, with the size that was ordered. Thank you Martin, it is looking great!

Speaking of Looking Great...

 This is the shell of the island, it is going to be huge! It extends into both ends of the rooms. I wish I had it for my clothing layouts, for cutting patterns right now! I'm going to use the tables at the Lions Center this week at rug hooking.

 On each side of the island are drawers, not cupboards. I'm thinking of ease as we age to do our daily living tasks. Wow that is a big island. It gets its granite measurement tomorrow.

These are the stained glass studio doors. Paper's protecting the clear glass panels, I wanted to see out to the mezzanine, to the big window facing the woods.

Oh yes, the water in the basement, is not a mystery anymore. The substance that was used for the spray on insulation & fire retardant... had to be mixed in a ratio of one box needs 8 gallons of water!!
20 boxes were used, so 160 gallons of water was added to the basement. After telling Bill he replied 'I thought it felt really humid down there!' Yes the water is now gone & come winter, the basement walls are going to be great with all that insulation!

Heather & I At The Market / Jardin - Pointe-Sapin, NB

Before church on Sunday, Heather & I took a trip to Pointe Sapin to an organic market. What fun we had visiting with the animals there. Dee, the owner was most gracious & showed us around her venue. I love barn animals but Bill will have no part of them, just as well,  I have a full day on my own without having to add more! lol

 Maggie was my favourite! She was so gentle & her colouring of black & white was attracting me!

 Dee now has three generations of goats & different kinds. I loved the one with the 'tassels on his neck'. I'm so glad Heather suggested wearing boots to the farm/market!

                                       Dee has one hundred chickens & yes a turkey too!

I was born in the Chinese Year of The Rooster, so I'm fond of them too! Isn't he handsome?!!

With all the tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, zucchini,  I made time for some canning, two days of it!

With company & winter coming, I did some canning of Lady Ashburmham Pickles, Winter Chili Sauce(done with warm spices), & Zucchini Relish. I've put all the canning supplies away now, moving day is fast approaching & I've a hooked rug to finish &  Christmas quilt to finish. Nearly done both but need to get over the finish line.

Who Is This Guy?

Who is this man in the white van. He has come before to take a photo of the hydro line with the transformer on it at the end of my laneway.
Working in the kitchen I noticed he was back again, this time the photos were of the hydro pole by the shop? I saw his camera flash go off, so I ran for my camera...

                                          Who are you & why are you photographing my area?
He's never in a  NB Hydro marked van  & nothing is written on his van. I'm very curious to the who & why.
Also, he never turns around in my laneway either, always across the road, at the neighbours?! Odd??

Oh well, thanks for stopping by for a visit & I hope you have a productive week!

I've been reading the Canadian Edition of the 2017 ALMANAC For Farmers & City Folk & some of the sayings throughout are great. I'll be sharing some of those with you today & in the coming weeks.

Do you know what you call those who use towels and never wash them, eat meals and never do the dishes, sit in rooms they never clean, and are entertained till they drop? If you have just answered, "A house guest," you're wrong because I have just described my kids.  --Erma Bombeck

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