Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rexton & Mr. Boots have been feasting on my spider plant & they've eaten off all the baby spider plants, that once hung off it! Then 'someone' had eaten my ivy & threw it up in front of the washing machine. Enough of the eating of my plants...I have to get some greens, for the cats to safely eat.

I called Lynn for some of her catmint & she generously gave me a large clump of it. And what enjoyment it brought to those cats!

 Rexton had a feast on Lynn's catmint!
                                                               She was smelling...

                                                                        And nibbling...

 She finally had to straddle her cat perch to attend to her needs of this yumminess!

                                                     Then Mr. Boots got in on the action...

                               He's too big to straddle the perch, so he balances himself on the tub chair.

                                                             And what a feast he had!

The next day I was in town with Symone & purchased my herbs for my kitchen herb garden, when I spotted lemon grass. Now doesn't that sound healthy for these plant eating cats?!
I know I enjoy eating Lemon Grass Chicken when I'm out at a restaurant...

I first showed it Rexton, then Mr. Boots got into it & I moved it next to their food. Maybe they will get that cat food & cat plants are to be eaten in that spot. Not from wherever I place house plants!

                                     And what a number these two did on the lemon grass!

 They were very thoughtful to one another eating & reminded me of the spaghetti scene from Walt Disney's,  Lady & the Tramp. lol

 Betwen the two of them they mowed this down like a lawn mower...

                                                  Or a pair of black sheep grazing! lol

 I finally took it away from them & placed it on the counter. Not that that, would stop them from getting on the counter for what they wanted.

I mowed my lawn with the tractor today. It was my first mow without my beloved Boston Terrier Boris Loree. Boris would follow me, nearly  the whole two hours I mowed, he was such a shadow with me. After an hour he would stay on the porch or seek shade under a tree. I sure miss him.
I was visiting my neighbours Dellie & Margie & they too sent me home with oatgrass seed for the cats. Dellie made me up a container & in 10-15 days...voila - catgrass. How healthy does oatgrass sound for them & it's also good for helping with the fur balls. Lucky cats to have such good neighbours!

 Wonderful Surprise!

I was hanging the laundry out the other morning & to my surprise, what did I see?!!

                                                                        Can you see it?!

                                                                Let's take a closer look...

How cool is this?! It's going to be a Fairy's House! Oh what fun I'm going to have creating this wee vignette & it's nestled in the woods too! I will see it everytime I go to hang the laundry out. :-)
What a pleasant find that was & in plain sight too!

We've settled into the cottage for the summer & the construction begins tomorrow on the house. I'll be back in the house, to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. Francis, the contractor says I'll be in by the end of September...I've worked with contractors & this one is one of the best in the area. Thank you to Francis, of Durelle Construction, he did an excellent job on Bill's garage a couple of years back.

Thank you for popping in to see me & the furry kids! Wherever you are, have a great week!

Thought for this week -
Humble & Kind by Tim Mcgraw. Give a listen to that tune & oh how true the words are. I could have wrote it to my kids & it must seem oh so familiar to them as they listen to the words & think of 'home'. I cried the first time I heard it because it made me think of my children.  Such a precious song of family love & values. Always be humble & kind, I'm so proud of the adults that they've become. ;-)

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