Friday, April 15, 2016

Two Block Design...WOW

I've been working on a large quilt this week. It is done with just two block designs & then borders are added. I was in wow, when I joined the first of seven rows together!

These are the two blocks. The top one has 25 pieces & it takes 32 of those for the quilt top.
The bottom one is only five pieces & 31 of those blocks are needed. Now with placing them together.

How cool was that!! I just loved how the pattern just came to life, with just two block designs!
It has a nautical feel to it so it will be perfect for the cottage.
The name of this pattern is Connecting Threads 2010 (Yes it has taken me 5 yrs to do it)
 Cottage Lane, how appropriate! lol

Bill Celebrates His Birthday! 
 Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Nicholas jumped at the chance to get a DQ ice cream cake. I too indulged in that wonderful sweet, with my sweetheart. lol

Rexton , from Rexton NB.

 She watches the outside birds daily. I know she would hunt them down, if she was allowed outside!

 She loves Mr. Boots perch. Tommy really likes the inside of it for his sleepy quite time.

 The grocery store pretty pink tulips with the back gardens daffodils. Last week they were covered with snow, several times! I brought them inside to watch bloom & enjoy!

How perfect is this wonderful happy yellow flower?! Thank you Mother Nature! :)

 The Autumn Fairies are nearing completion. Each leaf has its veins hand embroidered.
The yellow pins hold the leaves in place, I'm auditioning the placement right now.

Present Surprises!

 Thank you Bob for my east coast bird house! I love hand gifted presents & my feather friends will too, for years to come! I've admired Bob's creative work for years & now have a piece of my own!
A true labour of love. XO

 Thank you Gary!! For these wonderful hair sticks! They are just perfect to placing my hair up when I'm working, having a bad hair day, or just cooling my neck this summer.

 These beauties are hand turned wood. Gary does exquisite work & has been published, Bev your a lucky woman!
This was my week of wooden present surprises!

Must get to my sewing machine & sew up a quilt. Liz & I've been to several quilt shops this week. We traveled over hill & dale to get to them & what fun that was! More fabric, more ideas, oh my.
Must stay anyway! lol

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you too can stay focused but it is so hard on these beautiful sunny days. Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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