Monday, March 14, 2016

Sprung Ahead

With the time change & the wonderful spring like weather I've sprung ahead & have now mastered the quilt technique of meandering. And finished a small hanging that was also embroidered.

I used antique, red,cream, & green ribbon, 2 orphan hst blocks that I made into hourglass blocks, & bordered it with scraps of Thimbleberry greens. It hangs in the dining room, just outside of where I sew. ;-)
                  The embellishment of red glass beads, adds some interest to the embroidery.

Now Some Meandering!

 I needed to practice this technique around something that was embroidered. I embroidered this spring rabbit & added  colour to her  & her dress, with water colour pencils.
I used some of the leftover table topper fabric to border around it. I just love that fabric!

 Yes this would be the first meandering project. Must find more to practice on...

 Yes...   this small frame hanging embroidery & did it ever 'pop' out after it was meandered!

Meandering was working for long as I didn't try to over think it. lol

 I showed Susan, an accomplished freehand quilter,  my projects & she said I was ready for the wall hanging meandering.

 I was pleased with the way it looked...maybe just one more project before the Autumn Fairies.

So I put together three nautical, orphaned blocks from past quilts & made a small table runner.

After it was bound, I meandered around the star & then around the sails. I'll show it next post!

This picture made me laugh out loud! How appropriate with what I've been doing lately! LOL

The roof saga continues...we're now part of a 'class action' & BP Shingles will be coming to our home to access the next stage. Home Depot has said that they will be working on our behalf.
BP Shingles are manufactured in Quebec & will have a lot of recalls to do as the class action is from defective manufactured shingles from 2002-2010...that's a lot of work for roofers!!

Quotable Quotes - From Coffee News

"Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down."
                                                                                                     ~John David Wright

Thank you for stopping by & have a great March Break Week!


  1. Oh my, you do such beautiful work Cynthia. Good for for you for mastering the meandering quilting technique on your cute quilting projects. You are very creative. That snowy picture just cracked me up. lol...

    Are you meandering with an ordinary sewing machine? It's something I never tried to do. I have a cat wall hanging that I appliqued way back but never finished and I might be able to try this meandering technique on it some day.

    Spring is in the air but I only have a few daffodils and tulips that poked out of the ground in sheltered places. The maples in the back are just starting to show buds a little. It's still early.

    Have a great week. Hugs,

    1. Hi Julia,
      You always have the nicest things to say regarding my creativity, thank you.
      I used my regular sewing machine, you drop the feed dogs & add on the 'darning foot' of your machine. Then you work on the tension, I tighten mine up, till I get the stitch result I want. The YouTube videos from Missouri Quilts really helped with the visual. I all comes down to practice & the practice pieces were cut to shape to line catch all bowls & boxes. I cut & placed my begining pieces in the 'key bowls', a place I've taught myself to put my keys so I know where they are! lol
      Daffodils & tulips are springing up, oh I want to go home...remember Hank my handyman & I planted 347 flowering bulbs? 50 of those were tulips, just 6 more weeks & I'm going home to see the ground come to life! Your garden is beautiful & I use it often to reflect what mine could be over time. :-)
      Have a great week Julia & Happy St Paddy's Day too!