Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Blues

Every February I get what I call the 'Winter Blues' others call it SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorders. I usually slip into my infra red sauna & get myself sorted out. However it was disassembled to accommodate my queen size bed in that room. I cannot sleep well when I return to the city, the noise is too much, the back bedroom is much more quite & now I know it comes with a compromise.

So I will sew my way through these winter blues, with colour of course!

                                                My spring, inspirational colour theme, tulip blooms!

       Bill surprised me this weekend with these tulips, when he went to pick up a few groceries for me. :-)

                                      These are the fabric kit colours that I'll be using.

        This is my favourite fabric from the kit, it has so much colour & movement to it.

Here's what I've done so far, there's one more border before the preparation for the quilting.

                                      It was very pleasant working with the spring colours.

Cats In The Tree

                                        The bird watching is the #1 station to watch these days.
                                                         Mr. Boots & Rexton, chillin'.

 Look at this handsome cat, doesn't it look like a black jacket that is done up at the center with an invisible button. Since I told Bill how I saw his 'jacket' he too sees & & has a giggle when he sits & you can view the 'look'. lol

                                                        Mr. Boots owning his look! lol

 Rexton is not sure of Mr. Boots, when he's eating from her dish or using her grit box, this one does not play well with other cats named 'Mr. Boots. lol

                                  He is a handsome cat though & still weighs in at 20.8lbs

I'm glad I picked out, from my kit stash, this 2010 Antoinette Tea Party Wall Hanging kit. I love the colour! It does scream spring & warmer days ahead.

Last week cousin Ann had me over for morning tea to meet up with a fellow classmate from years gone by at St. Mary's Roman Catholic School. Cathy attended the school from grade 1 to 4, whilst I did 1 to 8 & graduated in 1972. Yes it was quite a while ago & Cathy also lived around the corner from me! We somehow never knew each other at that time though. We did share stories with the nun horror stories, one particular principle nun, Sister Conchessa. I lucked out as my big sister Bonnie, eight years my senior, was good friends with her, why I don't know, it sure worked to my advantage though. lol

So maybe sometime in the early spring our tea drinking trio of memory lane, in the 'love & fear' of life of the nuns, we'll have tea again & I'll have this table topper quilted up. Maybe even with the meandering stitch that I'm to teach myself...yes, guilty again of procrastination.
It reminds me of when I first had to learn to drive 'stick shift' oh my I was so frustrated & wondered how anyone could drive such a car. I did learn & to this day I enjoy clutching & shifting the gears in my 1996, SVT Mustang Cobra. Awe yes, the summer driving car!!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit & I hope that your finding ways that will help you, melt the winter hours away. After all there is going to be an early spring this year!


  1. Hi Cynthia, I'm sorry about your Winter Blues. You sure have a great way to deal with it. Your table topper has some very pretty colors.

    That Mr Boot is pretty good at balancing that little Cardinal on his head and he thinks he fooling us.

    We're having rain and and snow is melting. The barn yard is like a bottle. Roads were slippery today. At least the warmer temperatures are back. It's been so cold the last couple of days.

    I wish you a good sleep.

  2. Love the Antoinette Tea Party - love the colours. I'm with you girl - can't wait for spring!!