Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stockings Are Hung!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The snow has brightened up the day & the firebox inside makes one feel cozy.

                      The backyard is our shore side & this is what it looked like after the first snowfall.

You can see how the white snow brightens the dark brown/grey surroundings. The green emerald cedars that were planted this summer add to the festival look this time of year.

The potting shed has a beautiful local made wreath & other than that it  didn't get decorated this year.

Away In The Manger

 I wondered how long it would take before Rexton perched herself up high with the Nativity manger!

                                         She sit high & looks like she's guarding the manger...

                        Then ever now & then looks inside to make sure everything's OK.

She's curious about outside this year & has sneaked outside once on me this week. I could hear her but couldn't find her...until I opened the front door & there she was. I'm hoping she finds it too cold to be outside.  She snuggled up & slept the day away after her adventure beyond the door.

 The Christmas Stocking's were a fun challenge. I followed the Jim Shore pattern from the Fons & Porter quilt magazine... then added my own variations to them.

 There were three different patterns, so I repeated them twice. Each time using different fabrics from the selection of fat 1/4's that I had.

 Then from the yard of fabric, I made the backs. All six fronts and backs, were sandwiched & quilted with a cream & check flannel fabric for the inside of the stocking.
The backing shows better...

 On its own here, I put it here for this photo shot & later I could not find the sixth backing when it was time to be sewn with the front. I looked high & low for this back, I laughed out loud when I finally found it, hanging from the magnet...just were I left it for the picture!  Yes, good memory, just not long! lol

                         I love glitter at Christmas, so each sock has glitter somewhere on it. lol

                       The iron on metallic rickrack was so easy to apply with the hot iron.

Bill's Decorating ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 When Bill was here, one early morning whilst having his very early coffee alone (still on his China jet lag time) he threw my wool & angora hat onto of the steers head, again & again till it landed where it is now! He wanted to place the Santa hat on its head but it's still packed away somewhere.

Funny guy! lol

Another Sewing Session ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 With the fronts & backs sewn on & the binding started in the front, I could add the custom cuffs to each stocking.

 And with the leftover fabric scraps I did the Mini Christmas Mystery with Temecula Quilts. I would make one square for the wee quilt & one square for the tree! It just felt right with the red & white going on. lol These bocks finish at 2 1/2", yes a wee block that hangs beautifully on the tree.

 I also took the time to finish crocheting this clothes pin doll that I started years was red & white after all! lol

 The tree looks best with the lights on,  I can't wait for the kids to start arriving in a couple of weeks.

 Their stocking are now hung!

 And soon, St. Nicholas will soon be here! lol I love Christmas!!

The great room is now dressed for our first Christmas in New Brunswick! Ho Ho Ho!

With Christmas fast approaching I hope you too have the Christmas spirit. I just love this time of year. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Next time we'll go into the kitchen to see what's happening there. Right now I've got raisins soaking in 5 year old rum for our Namama's traditional rumballs for gift giving for our family & friends.

A Thought For This Week.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Aesop


  1. Love the red and white tree and the mini quilt blocks are just perfect! Your stockings look great and I'm sure they'll be a hit. How did you fare during the storm? We are still green here in Ontario - Yippee :)

  2. Wow again... you've been very busy sewing up a storm of stockings and those little quilt squares for the tree are just adorable. Your house looks beautifully decorated again.
    You have a lot of snow and it would be perfect for Cross country skiing. Ours is all gone with the warm temperatures we got but I hear freezing rain is on the way for Tuesday.

    I've been playing catch up with blogger. I was locked out of my Google account and couldn't find my new password until tonight. I kept typing the old one and I kept getting nowhere so I just gave up for a day. I still feel draggy and hope my energy will pick up again soon.

    That sounds like a very long time for the swelling on your leg to go down. I sure hope you won't get complications. Be careful on the ice.

    Have a great week Cynthia.