Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Cooling of October

Even with the cool sunny days & cool nights, the cottage rose bush that I planted back in 2009, still blooms away in a beautiful rose pink colour.
 I had planted three that year and this is the lone survivor.

 I remember it blooming into November & as Cindy Day's Grandma Says book it means lots of snow & oh how true that was last winter!! I'm hoping this is the last of the blooms!

The Cottage's Hunkering Down!

 Bill has been putting dirt around the cottage. He also place wood then covered in with Plexiglas to try to keep the water away from the weak foundation.

 Under the steps the water just pooled & soaked into the foundation. With a quote of $30,000 to repair the damage!!! , it is after all a summer cottage, so we'll do what we can to keep it upright.

 The blocks have moved with the water & ice over the years & many bandaid solutions have been done. It will be a job for Bill & the boys to do what they can without 'lifting the house off the foundation'.

 Bill worked all afternoon with the dirt. This really was a 'Mitch Job' as he loves moving dirt!

 I had to clean the kitchen of all that sandy dirt...

 I'm having black gravel put on top this spring or I'm in for a dirty mess coming & going!

 For now the inside walls are held back by this gizmo, Bill says it's the best it's been for the last couple of years. Oh my!

 The foundation blocks are just crumbling away & with the rain & freezing they're 'popping out of place!'...oh my!!

 Bill just smiles & works away to make it right for this winter. I'll be moving into the cottage this spring for about 6 months till the addition is finished in Hardwicke. This was my summer home for four years, it feels like home there.

 Poor old Boris is feeling the cool damp days. This will have to do for him as the gas fireplace replacement. He sure is doing a lot of shivering these days & his body is stiff. I guess animals feel the aging process in the body as we do. Hang in there buddy, we're entering the cool seasons now!
                                                            Snug as a bug on the rug!

Baby Aloe Vera Plants...

 The large Aloe Vera had 'pups' so I had to get them out or the large plant suffers.
I looked everywhere for cactus soil & no one had any. Google helped me out with a recipe to make some, one part potting soil, one part peat moss, & one part construction sand. I settled for sandbox sand for the recipe & it worked very well. Now to find homes for these pup plants.

 Through doing the cactus research, I also needed to transplant the big one! Walmart.ca will be delivering me one very large attract pot soon!

 Fall Sewing~~~~~~~~~~
 How Fall like is this table runner?! It's the quilt-as-you-go French braid runner, I made one it in a afternoon!
 I added the wool squirrel the next day with wool I purchased at the Riverview rug hook-in.

 This is the back of the runner, I just love the look of these Fall leaves & even better is...

 That the runner fits perfectly inside the butler table, when the sides are up! Lucky finished measurement for sure!
I don't see any squirrels anymore & miss my Squirrel of ten years RIP wee rodent, your my work inspiration this week!

Hope my Canadian readers had their share of turkey. I had my turkey sandwich at lunch with a huge filling of Jay & Elizabeth's cranberries.  It was just Bill & I, the first time in 41 years not to have any kids at the table for me. Everyone is off doing their own thing this Thanksgiving. Christmas however is a different story, glad the cottage is still standing to catch the overflow. I'll be decorating it too,  this year for Christmas, oh so cozy!

Right now I'm going to continue to enjoy the ever changing gorgeous colours of the trees in our area!
With the gardening & lawn mowing done for the season & the canning & freezing of garden food near an end, cranberries are still out here! Love cranberries!

I'll have a some studio time to sew & a new rug to hook, I've finished the crewel worked on with the lattice edging!

A feeling of accomplishment getting this done & finding just the right edging colour. A special thanks to June in Riverview NB, for showing me how to crotchet the edge to finish the rug, it was so easy & I just love the look of it!

Hope the Fall colours are giving you a warm feeling looking at them! This is my most favourite season of the year!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Have a great short week!


  1. Oh my, you have been busy again and congratulations on making the front cover of the local newspaper. Your booth is so wonderfully decorated. It looks spectacular and I would have loved to be there... You really have a great eye for decorating. Everything looks so nice and inspirational.

    Poor Boris, I feel like him some times. We had some cold days and some really nice warm days. I've been working outside every available minutes and wasn't on the computer much this Fall.

    I'm really so sorry the foundation is crumbling after all the hard work you've been putting in the cottage. Water does so much damage. I have water getting in the basement through a rotting window sill that was under a small stair off the back deck. The foundation is sound but the rain has found a way to get in.

    Your rug looks so beautiful and also your table runner.

    Autumn is my favourite season too.

  2. Poor Boris - looks like he's freezing ;). Give him a hug from me. Love the fall runner and the blue rug, so lovely. Got up to snow this morning - oh no! Ok now as the sun has come out to melt it all.