Monday, June 22, 2015

Bugle Weed Banished - Summer Begins!

It's been rainy with the remnants of post tropical storm Bill so I've been forced inside for days.

That's OK because I can finish a few things that I started. This is the large granny square afghan that I started last month on my long trek here. It has taken up both skeins of wool, one blue/white & one solid blue. I'm now looking for a white similar yarn, to do an edging on it.
On the right you can see my doorstop collection. I finally took it out of the box that I packed them in.
It was hard to find a secure place as they're cast iron & very heavy.

They all fit perfectly up there!

I was outside doing a photo  of the urns on the patio stones...with no weeds! Thank you Elizabeth! She lifted both urns & patio stones up so I could dig out the weeds & place plastic down to be covered by the gravel. Neat & tidy entrance now. And Boris Loree came up from his morning beach stroll.

                        His eyes weeping from the wind & a stick hanging from his mouth?!

                         When I asked him where he was, he just looked away &  ignored me.

              He's enjoying the rainy days as he just sleeps the day away under his blanket.

Back to my beautiful urns...with no weeds around them. Thank you Elizabeth for your help! ;-)

Love My Garden Blooms!

Bugle Weed Banishment

When I was at my rug hooking group last Thursday, fellow hooker Susan could not wait to show me the devastation of her lawn from the Bugle Weed. Oh my!! Who would have thought but I guess that's why they call it a 'weed'. I removed it & replace it with one of the several plants Susan had brought in for me to place in my garden. What a very pleasant surprise to have such beautiful perennial plants given to me. Thank you Susan! Everything is now planted & just in time for the drizzly days to help the roots find their new home.

A new plant infront & behind the tower is the new replacement plant from Susan. :-)

It has pretty blue flowers on it & will spread only within the garden. Unlike the Bugle Weed that will spread all over the lawn too!

The morning glories are growing daily, with plastic fencing around it & a pair of steel flowers inside to climb onto to grow & flower.

I'm going to trim the edges of the iris leaves to remove the dried dead brown pieces.

                                  Everything is growing & taking hold in this new garden.

And the Bugle Weed has been put back in thew pot...till I find the 'ideal spot' so it's rapid spread that gets out of control! lol Thanks for looking after me Susan & giving me hindsight from your catastrophe of this nasty wee plant. Your photo's were the visual I needed, thanks again!

Antique Find!

I found an old sewing box that I think is just lovely!

                                There is no handle & top overhangs slightly, for easy opening.

                                                      It has brass ball feet on it.

Inside the box was a built in shelf & a red velvet  pin cushion. It's the best $2 I've spent!!

Myer's United Church

The church is getting a huge lift...

As you go down the stairs you can see the wall, the the upstairs sits on, has moved in.

                        Strong steel beams go through one window & out through the other!

From the outside the steel beams are seen going through this side of the windows...

And out this side of the windows!


The church will be lifted and the foundation will be repaired. This church is over one hundred years old. It will now have a basement that will function. :-)

                                                             Left side of church.

                                                          Right side of church.

The construction will go on for a while now, with weather permitting...
This could take a while and I'm very interested in the process as the wee cottage in Eel River has to have the same thing done! Oh my the saga of construction & contractors continues.

Back in 2009 when I purchased the wee cottage, the renter empty the above ground pool next to the house, in late fall & the ground froze with the water & moved the brick foundation. Last winter was a very wet one in December & again the ground froze & moved the walls foundation even more.
So now I'm waiting to get a quote done on the foundation repair. The wee Carroll Cottage has to be lifted whilst the foundation repairs are done. Quite major & that's not going to be cheap!!

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you have a good week!
This weekend my husband Bill arrives for a week & our 28th wedding anniversary. :-)

Though for the week.

"Death, taxes, and childbirth.There's never a convenient time for any of them." 
                                                                                                                                                -Margaret Mitchell

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  1. I do love where you are displaying your door stop collection. It looks like a cover of a magazine. Very effective display.

    I had the same problem with the bugle weeds and I'm still finding the odd piece on the lawn. I have more weeds than I ever had this year. I will have to do something soon.

    I love that you have all new flowerbeds and that you are using some mulch to keep the weeds at bay. I weeded again this afternoon but the ground was wet and the baby weeds are already poking out.

    My peonies are all budded and just ready to burst into bloom and I wish it would rain so much as they are really growing high.

    I need to get more supports as they have outgrown their regular supports.
    Have a great week and HAPPY WEDING ANNIVERSARY, Cynthia