Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snowing & Sewing

 These are the last photos of Rexton styling her cone head at the end of her two weeks.

 Boris was a good buddy to her & allowed her on his blanket & in his basket with him.

 Auntie Ann made her a catnip toy & boy did she go crazy for it!

 Kicking it...
 Hugging it...
 Biting it...
 Smelling it..
 I've never seen anything like it!

 A catnip hug...

 Then it was Tommy's turn...
 He sniffed it & walked away!

 I finally found organic catnip grass at the Metro grocery store. Again only Rexton has taken to it & has grazed on it.

I've been getting itchy at bedtime & watching the TV commercial on dust mites makes me scratch more with just the thought of dust mites in my bed. I know it's because of the two cats & Boris' hair is like thin pine needles. So I looked into the dyson DC 61 animal handheld vacuum, wow they're expensive!
Then I had another thought, I've had Airmiles for decades & haven't used any points for years... I wonder - well it so happened that Airmiles had one & I had enough points! Bonus, it was ordered & came to me in less than a week.
I really like the three attachments, love it for the ease of the 20 minutes operating time & it's cordless, I've recharged it five times & emptied it four times. It's become my favourite working tool in every room of the house.

Konrad's Quilt
 The quilt top finished at 40" x 60"
 The back is a cozy flannel, perfect for the Alberta winters.

 I did a cross hatch quilting on it. With a 2" painters tape, I sewed on each side of the tape. Then used the ruler to add the next row of tape.

 Using quilt clips or you could use bicycle pant clips to hold the quilt in place, sew with a longer stitch on each side of the tape. Remove measure & sew again.

I used a 45 degree angle for my grind lines, once you have the one marked just follow from there. I start in the middle then stitch the lines above then stitch the lines below & press the quilt out again to remove any wrinkles. I also use fusible batting to do this type of quilting, no pins needed!

Baby Konrad arrived at 10:10pm last night! He's a bit early so I'm moving on getting this quilt finished & shipped to Alberta for him. Congratulations to Deb & Frank also Lori & Bill both very proud 1st time grandparents!

Remember the wall quilt -  Over The River?...

 I came across the UFO scraps that I incorporated with a embroidery piece I did years back.

 And it so sounds like summer!
So I quilted it up & don't know to make it a wall hanging or a pillow cover??
I also auditioned the buttons off of Boris' quilted blanket...

Boris' Blanket!!

 From the front it doesn't look too bad----

 However the back is a mess!!
I started sewing silhouettes of Boston Terriers & that worked for a while. Then as he tried to pull the blanket over him his nails would tear the aged fabric & the patches got bigger & bigger.
I've taken all the buttons off & washed the blanket till I know what I can selvage from the top as it's 100% wool, maybe a mini patchwork for his basket?

Painting & Renewing

 This sweet wall pocket is really wearing down so I thought some chalk paint would help hold it together!
I enjoyed the process to putting it to white!

 Let me try the metal April Cornell magazine rack...

 I love it in white!

 And the yellowish/beige fairy is newly refreshed in white.
My bathroom looks fresh with these pieces! Next week maybe I'll paint the bathroom. It's a very small room but boy can it hold a lot of stuff when you start pulling everything out!!

 The guys are back & I'm getting dug out!

 Nick is snow blowing out the laneway, he's back from Sri Lanka.

 Bill's back from China & both guys were told how much I missed them with all this snow. lol

 They worked for over an hour to get things cleaned up. It was a great day for doing it as there was no wind that day. The next day was freezing rain so it was good to get the snow away from the house.

 We're lucky to live up on the hill & have no one living across the road from us so that's were all the snow goes!
                                                         Lucy even got uncovered!

More sewing...
 I made this block to a wall hanging that I'm doing with Bev. I read the measurements wrong & the square was too big. :(
To challenge myself with this wall hanging I was using blue/white, it's to go to the cottage to hang in the kitchen with the blue & white-dishes.
In my stash,  I found this china blue rooster fabric for the backing.
                        I was also experimenting with wool(solid blue) & cotton together.
I added a glass button in the center as the focal point to finish off this mug rug that will sit on the table.

Spring is coming & the Escuminac, Baie-Ste-Anne, Hardwicke Garden Club is going to have their first meeting on March 4th, the first Wednesday of every month till October.  I wish I was there as I'm the Vice President & will have to hear everything after the meeting. :(
Heather is the founder of this club & has really brought it to life. She's the creator of the website too!


So if your in our northern New Brunswick area, please join in & attend the monthly meetings at the Baie-Sainte- Anne Firehall - first meeting March 3rd!
Great job Heather! Good luck, wishing I could be there & thinking of you often! :)

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week.


  1. You did a great job on that embroidered piece. I love the buttons and they are the perfect colors to match the quilted pieces.

    It's good to see Rexton without her cone.
    My cats would get ecstatic whenever I gave them catnip. I had one roll off the tall tower to the ground. Luckily he didn't got hurt.

    You sure keep busy when Bill is away. I'm in Ottawa and they have less snow than we have in Fredericton. The next storms will hit the other Maritimes harder it seems. We already had our share of winter snow. I hope it stops snowing soon.

    It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. You have great decorating skills.

    Take care and stay safe.

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