Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wow...What a week!

 Oh cottage life! With gorgeous sunsets to watch in the evening, life is so good!

The water so calm...
From the back porch, even Tommy enjoyed his sunset watching.

  With more sunny days ahead I wanted the weeds gone from the laneway. I'd read that just plain vinegar would kill them, if put on after the sun goes down & the next day must be sunny too. It also works well on ant hills, if put on in the evening when their near the top. Weeds & ants be gone!
 This is the only part of the laneway without weeds! Looks good doesn't it?!
 Then those weeds take over in the center...
 I had five jugs to 'water the weeds'.
 Boris was very curious to what I was doing with these jugs.
 I would fill an empty dish soap bottle, then do a direct squirt on the weeds. The next day the weeds were a golden dried hay looking clusters! Yes this works...must get more vinegar for the ones that were missed.


Boys & Toys!
 Bill has gotten himself a new toy but oh the work that is ahead of him. But for now I enjoy watching him play on the tractor & exploring the attachments on it.
 Our lawn was so torn up from all the construction around the cottage.

 I think he had a good day on this toy!

Then his visit got even better with a visit from Theodore with two fresh lobsters!
Bill loves lobster!
 He stood there cleaning  the meat out & got an appetite & ate every piece of meat off that lobster! He did have supper a few hours earlier! I'm highly allergic to shellfish! Enjoy your lobsters Bill!


The 4th of July is our anniversary & so is Jean & Theodore's!

 They celebrated 57th wedding anniversary...

 And Bill & I celebrated our 27th anniversary!  This is now our 3rd time celebrating with a supper together, they're a fun couple to be with, with many more supper's sharing the same wedding day!

Then Hurricane Arthur came to visit & that's why I've not blogged, I just got my power back!!

 Large trees were lost in the woods but we were very lucky that it didn't land on the new shed that Bill & Mitchell put up last year.
 Huge puddles pooled in the backyard but on the upside...the basement stayed dried!!
 I'm so glad that the shed was installed on a built up area!
 There was water pools on each side! No that's not a trailer in a pond, so much water, water everywhere! And the winds, I was so glad that Bill was here for the hurricane, he left on a flight Sunday morning & I was left powerless...literally no power like the rest of the province. Oh so many had lost their power, we were right in the center of the hurricane. We lost power at 11am Saturday & just got it back  late Wednesday  afternoon!
 These are just some of the towels used to place on the window sills, we used every towel in the cottage! The water came through the north windows & the east bedroom window. It was a long night on Saturday, we had it worse after the eye pasted & the back half of the hurricane came. We would be wringing towels every 1 1/2 hrs. The Blackberry alarm was set every 1 1/2hrs we'd get up wring towels, saving the water because I forgot to fill the bathtubs with water to flush toilets! I was even filling pails from the water downspouts days after the storm, toilets needed to be flushed! Oh the things you take for granted.
 More ponds...
 Pails were dragged through these for water too!
 The day looked so calm after that storm!
 I used Nicholas' Buzz Lightyear phone & the rocket lights up when you're getting a call!
 Look at that happy face! lol
 He never used his phone as he never got a phone-jack installed in his bedroom.
 Buzz sure came in handy for me this week.
 I can't remember the last time I used a 'push button' phone like this.
 It's in really good shape for being over 20yrs old! And very useful too!

 These were the 'bad windows' that Bill & I had to mop up with towels as the water pushed its way in.
 These are the new windows & everything stayed dry!
 The new big window was great through the storm too!

 Always construction going on here! The new siding looks so good, it's vinyl!

 I've got birds on the feeder!
 Beautiful yellow finches! How sweet are they?! I really enjoy seeing them.

I needed a cup of tea, I'd not had one since Saturday when I asked Bill to take me into Miramichi to Tim Horton & to pick up a quilt from the quilter. What I didn't know was that was when the eye of the hurricane was upon us. I remember saying to Bill that the sun was trying to shine! lol Wow did it rain after we got home, then the wind began...again, this time with a vengeance. The trees were falling everywhere!
Well back to my cup of tea...

On the ceramic cooktop, I lit three votia candles & used a baking rack
 Adding an enamel kettle & voila! it was like having it on simmer. I had to be patient for my morning coffee!
 I was able to heat soup too!

Here's the studio windows before the roman shades

 I finally got to use this yardsale fabric!

Without power, here's my new fridge!

 My freezer wasn't full like other peoples freezers. This was a costly storm for many! Nick I cooked your pizza & froze it again, hope it tastes alright!~

So the power went on at the wee cottage, so I left the cats at the shoreside cottage with the contractors working outside daily, to keep them company whilst they slept the day away. With packed clothes, food, & a  sewing project, I'm working on Crazy Star quilt with Deb, a girlfriend from London. We've weekly deadlines & with all the pattern cut out, it was time for sewing on my machine & the iron was also packed. It reminded me of doing a workshop with all the packing up for a day of sewing!
Boris enjoyed his day at the wee cottage.
He snored away as...
I sewed away in my kyrotime, with stitching the binding on my Night in the Forest quilt, then added a sleeve for hanging it in the quiltshow this weekend. With no phone or cable, just a radio to listen to, it gave a cozy cottage feel & the shower felt great too!! I had one before going to bed & one upon waking...just because now I could! lol
Boris stayed in dreamland!

Today was spent getting ready for the Myers Quilt Show in Hardwicke this Friday & Saturday noon to 5pm each day. Do stop by if your in the area!
Sew much to see!

Sew much to do! I'll post more about the show, when the show is over.

But for now I'm very grateful to have the power back & running water...oh the things we take for granted.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. WOW, you sure were lucky to have your husband with you during the hurricane and not on an airplane although I'm sure the planes were grounded.

    Happy belated Anniversary Cynthia, I sure hope that you have nicer weather on your next anniversary.

    I love my lobster too and that's a fine looking specimen in that plate.

    I'm glad that you didn't get any trees falling on your buildings. We had cut our big trees that were close to the house several years ago and I'm so glad we did. I had water coming through one of my bedroom window and it even started to seep through the light fixture in the office on the second floor. Like you I used towels to soak up water. As soon as the rain let out George went on the lower roof to unplug the drain holes at the bottom of the windows that had gotten plugged by leaf debris that were getting plastered against the windows and the whole house.
    It was wild here especially in Fredericton as we were hit the hardest. We just got our power back yesterday afternoon around 1:00pm

    You sure kept yourself busy during this time with no electricity. I kind of missed the Wifi now and then.

    I imagine all this furry got Boris very tired. It's good to have a nice nap.
    Take care ,

  2. Should be fury got Boris
    I love the vinegar trick too for the weeds and how you made due to make your coffee.


  3. Happy Anniversary ! Glad to hear you survived Arthur ... what an adventure! Sue does make one appreciate the "necessities" of life.