Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where's The Ark Captain Canada?

Bill & Nick went to hang the new Canadian flag that I had purchased at Canadian Tire that I found in the 'sale bin'. It was $8.99 from $29.99...fantastic deal, I purchased two! Well if it's too good to be true...I never read - Wear you flag proudly?!!

Yes it was one that you wear!!
 Bill snatched it up quickly & said how it went with his Canada Day pants I made him over 10 years ago!
 Boris was taking in the 'wearing of the flag'. lol

 Then he said "I'm Captain Canada!".

And then Captain Canada left...

I'm on the lookout for a large Canada flag & a New Brunswick flag as mine have been torn from the winds over the past years. Yes what a deal on these wearable flags...for next month on July 1st, Canada Day. Just in time when Captain Canada returns~! lol


Wow what a wet weekend after such a beautiful week! Glad that the lawns were mowed on Thursday because the rain just never stopped & when it did I couldn't believe the ponds that were all over the lawn!! Where's the ark?

 There's a trailer in the pond! You can see the water & the overcast day, nice green lawn though.
 Water was everywhere...
 My neighbour had just planted his garden, now under water. :-(
 There was lines of water parallel to the water, I'd not seen that before.
 Grey day, my heart was heavy too...Bill & Nick had left early that morning to go back to Ontario. They made good time as they called me at noon to say they had just entered Ontario!

 Good thing that the shed was built on high ground! The trailer won't be hauled out for awhile, it's in its own pond!
 Muck is everywhere...
 The rake is in a pond of water too, huge puddles are everywhere!
 The basement is my upside! Remember everything floating last year!! Well the tiling around the cottage is working, just dampness around the edging.
 And some dampness in the cracked floor but nothing like last spring!

 When I look at the outside puddles of water...
 Some looking more like ponds, the basement makes my heart sing! All that work was worth it, now for Mitchell to work on my landscaping when he visits! It was a nightmare mowing around the sandstone & huge ruts, I got better at reversing the mower. :-)

Here's the guys leaving at 2:30am with an empty trailer. I wish time was longer for us to be together but that would be wishing our lives away before its time. One day they'll be here to stay.


I brought my porcelain sailor boys with me & knew that I had to clean them up. When I returned to Ontario last fall the basement there was wet from a leaking water pipe & several storage bins had to be sorted & thrown out. I  packed the boys to put in my studio here.
 Justin & Mathew...Back in 1990 they reminded me so much of my boys, Mitchell & Nicholas.

 So the soiled hats & suits came off & I was surprised how the Borax removed all the water marks!
They're nicely stored in a glass cabinet now! How sweet are they?!!

Remembering days past & my guys now gone, heavy heart...

But till I see them again,  I'll go into my kyrotime & get a few things completed!
Like this kit I purchased back in 2009 when I first came out east...

 It's called Penny Candy & really like the colours, it's from the Mama's Cottons a thirty style fabric collection that Connecting Threads put out back in 2008.
 Connecting Threads kits are great, generous with their fabric & good instructions.
21 different colours with a white background.
 Stars & pinwheels, it will finish at 68" x 76" not too big but oh so summery!

 So here's what I got done today, still have some cutting to do. I wanted to sew today as I haven't sewn for a long time, it felt good.
This is one of the 12 stars I'll be sewing tomorrow.
What fun sewing with such pretty pastel colours, the winter has been camouflage & black & white. These colours feel like summer, bring it on! June 21st will be the first day of is coming.:-)

Thanks for stopping by this rainy day, hope the colours of the new quilt gives you the feeling of a summer day too!


  1. Oh my, the ground looks really saturated. I'm glad that your basement is still dry for the most part. I have some seepage in heavy rain in my basement every time the rain comes from the North side since the big flood. We had rain this week but it wasn't heavy, only steady.

    I like Bill in his Captain Canada flag outfit.

    Your friends will be happy that you're back in N.B.

    Your little sailor boys will need a boat with all the water puddles. They are cute.

    Take care,

  2. I'll be looking forward to seeing the quilt put together. It does look summery.

  3. Rain Rain go away come again another day....
    Love the colours in your quilt you are making. I need to get back at mine. I am off to New Hamburg with my nephew and sister tomorrow. Quilt store shopping. talk later.