Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun Surprise in I.D.A.

As promised in my last post, here's the pharmacy in Three Hills Alberta. There's another pharmacy across the road & has been there for many years.

 This end of the I.D.A. Pharmacy is appropriately called The Fabric Nook.

 It's now grown to be the whole back quarter of the store.
 Loads of quilting & sewing notions.
 Well stocked!
 One area is for yarn & patterns.
 I was happy to see Real Tree fabric there too!
 Nice black & white section.
 A large flannel section of solids...

 and prints!

 Batiks & tone on tones too!
 Every shelf was stocked with interesting items.
 Current books & magazines. Needless to say I was quite surprised! I've never seen such a pharmacy!!
 These two ladies were so pleasant, one even said that her name was IDA because it was written on her shirt! lol
 Thank you Coral for such a wonderful, fun road trip to Three Hills. Yes Coral I have to agree that we are Kindred Spirits & I look forward to having more adventures with you in P.E.I. this summer!

I'm having a hard time climatizing to this hot humid weather in southwestern Ontario. When I left Calgary on Sunday, our plane needed to have the wings de-iced before we could take flight! Then when we land in Toronto the temps were in the high 20's & humidity so thick, you feel like you're in a sauna.
The weather will take a turn here & be 7C this weekend. Those poor tent campers this long weekend! I hope it's at least dry for them.
Enough of things we can't control...

Next week in The Great Britain Trunk Show!  Cynthia & I are going! Have a look at the link ailsacraigquiltfestival.ca I'll post from this trunk show next week.  Sew much to see!!

Mitchell liked his quilt & I could tell by the way he said good bye to his dad & I, he wanted us to stay longer. We'll have fun at the cottage again this summer.
With the kids all grown & living their own lives in different cities, I wish I would have savored them longer but I was a working mom then.
The kids have such good foundations under them & I'm so pleased to see the men they've become.
Yes they're all elevator tech's & the elevators, like life...we have our ups & downs. lol

Thanks for stopping by & if your in the area next week, take in some inspiring quilt work in Ailsa Craig Ontario! If not...,you'll see some of the quilts, in my post!


  1. You sure are enjoying yourself...I am heading down to Hardwick to Simon's for a lobster lunch, will check your lane to see if the snow will let you in yet lol
    Have you heard from Mary Beth ?
    Looking forward to seeing you again

  2. Snow is all gone from your yard, nice & dry...........

  3. Now Cynthia, my head would spin in a place like that. So many nice fabrics and notions for the sewer. I used to sew a lot when I was raising my kids but now I seldom sew except to mend. I never can find time to finish what I start.

    Have lot of fun Cynthia.
    I've been weeding and mulching around my rhubarbs and my compost bins today. Nothing quite as exciting as what you're doing.