Friday, May 10, 2013

Back From Boston Massachusetts

Bill was attending the ASME (American Society Manufacturing Engineers) code meetings in Boston & I love Boston, so I went with him as he had 2 days of no meetings. That meant that I had time in the lovely Double Tree Hilton to do some stitching. I chose to do a summer embroidery that was done by Moda probably a decade ago. The panel had 12 - 10" summer squares.
The colours I'm using reminds me of watermelon & watermelon is the taste of summer, well I do say the same phrase with lemon meringue pie!
With left over flannel backing I underlined each of the 12 blocks stitching them & then serging them -  now ready for embroidery.

And a skein of each variegated colour from my trip to the Czech Republic last July, now a project to use them on. I think it will look fresh, yummy, and summery.

Let the stitching begin...

I was able to get some stitching done in the airport & am so happy that small under 2" blades are now allowed to go aboard with you. I use to use the cutter on the dental floss container.
More stitching was done in the hotel room & the open foyer that offered excellent pure light for perfect stitches. :-)

Block One
 Block Two has a sweet squirrel on the lawn chair
 Block Three, reminded me to pack my boots for the east so I too can work on the garden


Now for some touring---
 This was my hotel view looking to the right. This building was the original building for Coca Cola factory,  way back when & the hotel was built out of it. Somewhere across the river was the old Polaroid factory, this city had some of the major manufacturing industries in its day.

 I never tiered looking at the view of this bridge

The wildlife was entertaining to watch

 Looking straight on at one of the most very active cities I've ever visited!

 So many scullers, rowers, joggers, & cyclists

 The weather was beautiful on the day we arrived. The sun made the water sparkle as we watched the rowers, Bill had a laugh at the one fellow in the 'motor boat' with a yelling horn telling the rowers that they need to row faster!


 We went to Marblehead to see if we could find the house that was the inspiration to us on our home.

 After walking over up & down the meandering area, we never saw it. We even went to the local realestate  office to make our inquiry. She had no idea however & sent us in the direction to walk in the area of homes that looked like the styling of our quest.

 Even with it being garbage day, the streets were beautiful with all the spring buds in full bloom & the colours of the flowers just awed our visual on this walk.

 The over the door headings really caught my eye, it could be made quite easily & be installed over the front door, even with the stain glass transom

 The houses are very close to the road making  them attractive to view

 Blooms were hanging over fences & the colours were gorgeous
 So many door overhangs to inspire ideas
 Some with colours to highlight the detailing
 The door was also done, with the red box & recycle box to match ---not really just a coincidence

 Oh look! another overhang! So many ideas to go back home with. :-) for my 'Honey Do List' lol

Upon our ride back to Boston we went through the town of Lynn, established in the 1600's!
It made me think of my girlfriend Lynn who was looking after the little man, my Boris Loree the Boston Terrier.

Now off to the airport---
 Boston is not an easy city to get around & I was so glad that I did not have to do it!
 This city had so many interesting architectural designs to view. Old mixed with new, I really enjoyed seeing the past with the present & visual pictures of the future building still to come.

While waiting for our plane & hoping to get out earlier on a stand-by for an earlier flight a storm moved in with thunder & lighting.
An announcement was made that everything is on hold & all workers outside were to come inside till the storm pasted, it was quite a thunder & lighting storm!
 Looking out on a deserted airport, almost surreal.
 The clouds were heavy on the cityscape
 To the left of the picture is the ventilation system to the underground roadways, which are everywhere! If you weren't going under a road you were going underground through the water, it was quite the trip of travel!

 The downpour ended & we were called up for our stand-by call. Yes we were on the early flight home to Toronto & made it home before midnight to London!


  1. What a lovely tour of your trip to Boston. I've never been there yet. I love that beautiful old bridge, beautiful photos. They sure don't build them like they used to. It looks so sturdy and safe.

    Thanks for sharing your stitching passion with us. I love the embroidery, real pretty.

  2. Reg & I are heading to Boston the end of the month, Reg's son is graduating from med school there... looking forward to seeing you ...

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