Monday, April 15, 2013

Vintage Stitches Done!

The Thimbleberries 2005-2006 BOM Vintage Stitches is now done...well one of them - one done one more to do. I wanted to get at least one done for the July,  Myers Church Quilt Show  in Hardwicke, NB, then the Miramichi Quilt Show in September. Both quilt shows are worth the trip if your in the area!

The quilt finished queen size at  88" x 98".

I'll show the great backing when it's been machine quilt by my girlfriend Liz & is ready for the binding.
I had to lay it out in the backyard as no place in the house had a space that big. What a beautiful day we had here in southwestern Ontario & Thursday is going up to 22C. Now the thunderstorms start but the beauty of the plants will start, you can see tulip leaves to the left. I`m hoping that the squirrels don`t eat the flowers.
Speaking of squirrels...

Here`s Squirrel, he just celebrated his 8th birthday this month.

Pistachio nuts are one of his favourites.
I made him a new swing, but the rings are not working out for him. I`m going to braid a new rope out of selvages, he goes down it like the firemen go down their fire pole  I have trained him to slide down his rope as a trick, to get his treats.

His house looks messy but warm on the cool nights, he`s hid a lot of nuts in his bed...midnight snacks :-)

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  1. Your quilt looks lovely and I know that it's much nicer in person. I think that the sun is washing out the colors.

    Just a little tip that I learned on Rug Hooking Daily from a photographer. You'll get better colors on an overcast day when the sun isn't bright. The daylight is bright enough and the colors will be more true.

    Your little friend the squirrel is having quite the life. I saw on on a blog that was on a leach, can you believe...

    Today was a spectacular spring day but I washed some windows on the top floor.
    Hugs, and have a nice week.