Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prodding Pleasures

Yesterday I was taught to prod. It's another rug hooking technique that's done quite differently than another rug hooking I've done. Thank you Marsha from Ricibucto for taking time with us to show  this wonderful technique, to a few of of us Miramichi Rug Hookers. I've now found yet another pleasure to put me into KYROTIME. LOL

Backside of the prodded rug.

 Thank you Marg for the supplies. She had some office upholstery fabric to prod on & scraps of borg & wool.  Thank you Katie for all the 1" strips of cutting you did for me. What a fun afternoon with you two hookers!

                                         Front side of the prodded rug, so thick & fluffy!

Marsha told us of how way back when... the backside of the rug was used for everyday use & the 'good side' was used when the Minister or company came to visit. It's the thickest full rug I've ever worked, oh, so textural - I love it!
 These are the tools I used, Marsha husband handmade them, they're very soft to the touch as they're used.
 I'm going to make my first prodded rug into a decorative cushion. It compliments my 'Over The River' quilt & will add a warm textural feel to the livingroom this winter, in the old black leather wingback chair.
I auditioned it next to the quilts scrappy pillow & will add more black wool fabric to ground the edging of this circular beauty.

Again, it's true...everything's easy... once you know how. A big thank you to everyone that has had  patience with me, to keep me learning new pleasures for my creative mind. :-)


  1. Thanks for showing the back side of the proddy rug. It helps to see how the other side looks.
    I love that cute little pillow. Gorgeous colors.
    I've seen the pointy proddy tool before but what is the other long flat tool used for?

    I'm still digging weeds in the gardens and trying to get as much done as I can while the sun is shining. Have a great weekend Cynthia.


  2. Hi Julia, The other gadget is used for cutting your fabric lengths.First you cut your 1" strips, then wrap a strip around this gadget & you'll see that there's a groove up the center, that's for your scissors to move & cut your strips.This one is a 2 5/8" strip cutter. Handy to gadget if your rotary cutter & mat are not set up or your travelling with just your 1" strips.
    Your garden is going to be beautiful this spring/summer, I look forward to seeing your photos. I'm hoping Sandy stays far away from Atlantic Canada, till then I too am enjoying the sunny weather.