Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slug's Love Beer!

There's slugs everywhere these days, the shine from their slime are all over the patio stones...so onto Google I went & the smell of barley & hops are very desirable to the slug. So I tried it this morning with a full bottle of beer dumped into a shallow pie plate dish. 

Within one hour I had picked up over 50 slugs coming from all directions to sample the beer...none of them made it to the beer party. I had two spoons & scooped them up for their hot soapy bath in the bucket. I was amazed at how fast they responded to the smell  of fresh cold  beer. I used  Molson Canadian & it works well, I had Coors light but their waist line was not an issue. These slugs were caught within one hour!
The garden is a safer place for Lucy, the cottage garden mascot & my plants :-)

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