Friday, July 22, 2011

Myers Quilt Show

The Myers Quilt Show is an event I have contributed to & helped with for 2 years now. It is held in a boat shed & the transformation is stunning...the fishermen were mending nets the day before set up! Once everything is removed, a folk lift comes in & a huge pale pink tarp is placed on the dirt floor, then a very large factory roll of navy textured paper tablecloth is stapled in place on the outer beams & run around the
room to encase you within the show. The boat shed begins its transformation as the quilt racks go up & hanging begins.
It was a pleasant surprise for me to have visitors schedule a visit & quilt show attendance. Loraine Swanson & family...all 6 of them, attended the quilt show & are pictured in the center of the paper. She had never been here in New Brunswick for the summer, only the fall for Thanksgiving. It was a chilly wet day when she arrived at the cottage in high spirit to see the wee cottage & view the quilt show.
The Clover Leaf quilt was the 2nd one I've made, my mom's mom her family was from Ireland & I have blue eyes...that only she had. Mom's were green & dad's were brown so my connection with her began  at an early age, I remember looking in her blue eyes & saying 'grandma your eyes are the same as mine' & she replied 'yes duck, they are' she always called me duck with affection & I remained close to her till her passing. The 1st Clover Leaf quilt went to my Irish father-in-law & is proudly displayed in the living room. Miramichi is Canada's Irish Capital & I had my chuckle watching Maryiln & her  interviews on TV in March on St Patrick's Day in Miramichi!
In the photo, Jean & Theodore are the couple Bill & I celebrated our anniversary's together & the man that's with Theodore, his wife too is a celiac & we had conversation last year at the I made her special gluten free banana muffins to enjoy with her tea after the show...which was a surprise & much appreciated.  In a small town you get to know everyone & I was so surprised to view the paper & be able to talk about every picture shown in the show. I just love my life here on the east coast! These cottage days are some of my peak experiences that I'll treasure & smile with for years to come.

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