Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Green Tractor...

 I did it!! I uploaded these photos all by myself...& this week I learned how to ride the 'Big Green Tractor', it was over 2 hours of riding that lawn mower, I mowed to the woods, the center lawn with the flag pole, side yard , & the side yard. Thank you neighbour Joel for the lawn tractor lesson.  Nothing runs like a deer...a John Deer.  Above you can see wee Boris in the lane-way, admiring the freshly cut lawn, he followed me for about an hour, then took to the porch for resting.

 The cottage looks large with the 53' trailer gone, my 2 summer cars in-front of the garage. Waiting on paper work for the Cobra...soon.
The other side of the 'U' shaped much grass! mosquitoes & black flies too!

Binding has been put on the Cobblestone quilt, just needs the sleeve for the quilt show hanging next month. Several more bindings to much to do

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  1. See, what is it you always say? Nothing is hard when you know how?
    Love the cottage!!! Have a fab summer