Monday, February 6, 2017

Stairs Have Stain...Looking Good!

The floor is going to be done today, the sanding will be finished up, then hopefully the stain will be added to the floor this afternoon. The stain colour I chose was 'Antique Brown'.
The room is rustic in style & is the original structure to the addition. It is also one of Bill's favourite rooms in the house, so I wanted a masculine feel to it. In the choice & there were many,  I think I succeeded!

Once the floor is stained, two coats of varnish will seal the wood.

The wood texture really has a rich, warm look to it.

The light wall colour & trim, which will be painted again after the floor is finished, keeps the room light & bright.

The view from the mezzinine, shows the knots in the spruce wood.

Soon Rexton will blend with the dark floor stain colour.
Maritime Floor Finishing, has reassured me that the dust will not be noticeable & the upkeep of the floor minimal. 

The backside of the stairs really show ith the light/white trim & walls.

Rug Hooking & Sewing

 I cut some more strips to add to the beach scene, oh the days of summer... daydreaming as I hooked.

I made a little mug rug place mat for Valentine's Day, red wool from Kingsmill, years & years ago & a Robyn Pandolph rose background. It's fabric I purchased to make some summer PJ's. lol
You have to love fabric, it never goes bad like the lettuce in the fridge! And fabric can have so many applications for making things like, quilts, tablerunners, curtains, clothing, etc. I love creating with  textiles!

Well the sound of the sanders in the great room are sending back into the sewing room. I've put in a CD of classical music & I laugh at different times listening to it.
As a child watching the black & white cartoons, the scenes were done to classical music, Bugs Bunny would be tip toeing & moving to Mozart's music & we didn't even know it! 60 beats a minute music, who knew!!!

A week today, Bill & I pick up those beautiful puppies! I'll have so many pictures to show you with their homecoming!

Thanks for popping in for a visit!

Have a great week. Stay warm & safe.


  1. Hi Cynthia. It's all coming together beautifully, the renovations and the rug... You will be happy in your castle.
    I'm looking forward to seeing those puppies.