Sunday, February 19, 2017

Baxter Wears Boots

 The ice has left the trees but the snow drifts are still here & the soft aqua colour inside the folds, has been entertaining me. There's nothing I can do but take in the present moment & it's beautiful.

 The drifts remind me of Emily Carr's trees, she made them so flowing with depth.

See the blue in the center? In all the years in SW Ontario, I never saw such purity in snow, mostly black, from the car exhaust. 

So with so much snow outside, I played with the puppies inside! 

Baxter had on his boots today, well really they were socks but I'm preparing him for his first pair of  boots. He did really well once he knew he could move in them!

The socks have rubber grippers on the bottom & he was unsure on the hardwood.

 Boston's feet & legs are very sensitive to the cold, so i thought i would start to get him use to wearing something on his feet.

He was styling those socks!

                               The front one is twisted & you can see the rubber paw treads.

He had to sit down for a bit.

Come on Baxter, do some walking!

He's up...

He's walking!

No, he sits again!

Mr. Boots takes advantage of his unsure feelings, he  take a closer look.

What? What are looking at?!

 The cats weren't sure what they were looking at but it was real good seeing Baxter unable to move in his new socks.
The cats looking at him, not for long, he started moving toward them...

And the cats left! LOL

And Bridget gets a new spring like collar!

I slid a fabric flower onto her green collar. I have them wear their collars for about 4 hours a day.
When walking time comes, the collar won't be a nuisance to them.

Her feet & legs are too small for her pink socks. She is so small, I meet her momma & she was very small too. Baxter is going to be the heavy weight one, just about the same as Boris, I think.

With each passing day, they sure are getting lively.
It will be a week tomorrow that Bill & I picked them up in that horrid snow storm. What a difference a week makes, it both the puppies & the weather!

Tomorrow the painters arrive to paint the great room & that will finish that room!

And then, when the weather allows, onto the outside railings!

Have a great week & enjoy the weather, wherever you are. Live in the moment because it will not last. At least that is what I keep telling myself!

I've been listening to YouTube, listening to all the Stuart McLean interviews & his Vinyl Cafe Shows. He was one person that was on my bucket list to see in person. It just never happened, my loss.
He had such a way of telling stories. A Wonderful Man! RIP, Stuart McLean.

More puppy posts to come...

Enjoy your life, it's the only one your getting!


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