Thursday, February 2, 2017

Floor Refinishing Has Begun!

Yesterday the floor refinishing in the great room began.
I thought that the generator was noisy... wow the power machines used in the sanding of the spruce floor, yes spruce! Under all that yellowish orange varnish, Bill & I, thought that the floor was pine!
I love how life just keeps surprise us!

 The varnish has really hidden the beauty of the floor. It looks so different, stripped right down, the wobbles & waves, have also been sanded smooth!

                                     A 45 degree angle of sanding was done first.

 The hoses going everywhere is because it is a 'dust free sanding'. Dust free but oh so noisy!

                                                              It sure is looking good!

 This time next week I will be ready for the painters to come back & finish this room. Baseboards must be installed first though.

 The hand sanding is being done today, around the areas that the large machine could not get to.

 Old Tom is deaf & the noise or vibrates from the noise, just doesn't faze him. The other two have vanished. lol They will all have to be confined when the stain & varnish time comes.

                                               The yellowish, orange is now left the building!

 The hand sanding on the stairs is time consuming but will look great when it is all done!

                                           Wow it is so white in colour... who knew?!!

Now the decision of  a stain colour... I've thought about it overnight & with the hindsight that the stain samples are done on oak wood & I have spruce wood, the stain will be lighter.
I'm going to go with the 'antique brown' on the right of the photo.
There is very little to no grain on the sanded floor, so a brown colour will add to grounding the room with the dark panel & beam ceiling.
I've changed my mind a dozen times, in the two days of viewing samples.
Decisions, decisions...
I'll let you know how I make out with that decision! lol

Thanks for popping in for a brief visit.
I'm going to my sewing room to make a Valentine mug rug!
Love is in the air! Bill returns a week tomorrow! XOXO


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  1. It's going to look great Cynthia. So much work to get all this done. It's a good thing you have professionals to do this.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the room all finished.

    ^ more weeks of winter here as the groundhog saw his shadow today. It's beautiful and sunny here with -8°C.