Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Puppies Get Collars

 Baxter & Bridget are doing very well in their new powder coated, collapsible pen.

 And today is collar day. All the articles that I have read, said to get the puppies use to their collars.

                                                   They wanted each others collars!

                                        Bridget has the red collar & Baxter has the blue collar.

 I feed them the dry food but both of them did not want it. Yesterday I placed warm homemade chicken broth in their food & they loved it! Today it was a hit again!  No dry food right now.

 They are chewing & grabbing everything! Baxter grabs the handle whilst Bridget grabs his collar .lol

 I already could not image my day with out them! And a full fast day it has been! They had their first bath last night.

 I'm really enjoying this pen & all the movement points that it has. I wrapped it around the kitchen island, they're getting different views around the kitchen.

 Bridget holds her own, she's so much smaller & under developed than Baxter. Her back legs are always lifting off the floor as she eats or drinks. Baxter is so grounded & strong.

 They both have chewing time & enjoy the new tastes of the chewers, beef, chicken, antlers, yummm

 They have plenty of room to roam, without having the house to run through... yet!

They are so cute to watch!

 They're great chewers & I will have to get more toys, as they chew them up!

 They eat 4 x's a day so with input...oh the output! So much like the care of a baby!

                                           And I just could not imagine my life without them!

 Bill's on route to China & will miss their daily growth. I won't see it as I'm with them, so I'll be taking photos of them daily. He will see them in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm hoping they sleep through the night by then.
 They had me up from 11pm- 12:30am. Then they went into their Pet Taxi' crates,  Bridget has the old small cat one & Baxter has Boris's old crate. They slept through till nearly 7am! Good Puppies!!

Then up to start their day! Bathroom, breakfast, & play, then slept in their crates for two hours. And the cycle begins again! :-)
The view out the kitchen bay window, yes the snow drift is rising!! The Miramichi Bay is frozen again & you can barely see the three skidoo's on the ice, going smelt fishing by the Bay du Vin Island. We're cozy inside & another storm is to hit us hard tomorrow.

See the skidoos in the center? I would have changed my lens but they would have been gone!
It sure is a winter day, looking into the bacyard & tomorrow will bring a lot of deep snow. Bill & I saw the deep snow that Fredericton got that day. That was the day we purchased our puppies!
Bill wants to go to Fredericton in the summer as he has never seen it without a storm! lol

I soaked navy beans last night for a pot of Boston baked beans today, it helps to  keep the kitchen warm for the baby  Boston's today.
I'm hoping that we don't loss power as I don't have a working generator yet, parts are on order & should be here next week.

The trades are in today as I type.
The glass railing is being finished & the trim has been going on the great room. That room will get painted on Monday. Then we can go into that room & enjoy the firebox & the gorgeous heat that comes off it!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. If you love puppies... this blog is for you!

Stay warm & safe.
Easter is coming! Oh I can't wait to see a spring bulb come to life!! lol

This is my least favourite season, followed by one of my best seasons!

Yes this too will pass.

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  1. The puppies are some cute but so much work in the winter time to bring them out to do their business in the cold, the poor little things. They look vey pampered. Spring can't come soon enough for me.
    I hope the power stays on for you and the babies.

    Stay safe and warm.