Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Boston's First Outing

It was such a beautiful sunny day today & the high of 0, yes you can free the spring in the air, 27 days till spring!
I took the pups outside with leashes, attached to their collars ... what fun they had!

                                   Baxter is wearing the blue  leash & Bridget has the red leash.

 They both tried their skills at stair climbing. Bridget really surprised me with her skills, she's very agile & can jump! Baxter is like a bull in the china shop! lol

 They both kept falling into the snow piled by the side of the stairs, then they'd eat white snow.

                                  Bridget loved her outing & was up & down the front stairs!

 She jumped, step by step, whilst Baxter watched her leash move with her.

               They are now 9 weeks old & are getting to be very lively, when they are awake!

 Bridget is really coming into her own. This little rut is so smart & fearless.

 She was up & down the stairs several times, Baxter I think was just cheering her on! lol

                                                            She's so small & bright!
                                                        And back to the top of the porch!

When I took them for a walk, she was right with me. Baxter... well he so reminded me of Boris & I on our walks. He would just stop & dig his paws into the ground, not moving but being pulled on the leash. I hope he grows to like the movement of a brisk walk. Boris grew to love going for walks, he was so social with people!

 The fresh air did Baxter in & Bridget was awake, so it was time for him to wake up too.

 He enjoys his sleeping crate & there's times when he just won't get up!

 I have them both sleep with a teddy bear & a blanket. Baxter just gets so cozy in his crate.

                                             I gave up on him & went to Bridget's crate.

 No worries there, I think she got excited listening to me coaching Baxter to get up & out! lol

                                             And then she ran after the 21 lb Mr. Boots!

 She would stop & fall to the ground, when Mr. Boots would turn to look at her.

                                                             Oh good, his head is up!

 Bridget did not know what to do when the cat turned & faced her, she's use to do the chasing!

 Bridget just went up & gave a big kiss to the cat! That was enough for Mr. Boots!

Mr. boots just turned & went for his lay down on my bed. 
He's such an easy going feline, & lucky for those pups, he's so easy going!

A Very Sweet Surprise

 My girlfriend, Jocelyn came by for a visit & to see the puppies & presented them each, with their own little jackets! The red one for Bridget & the grey one for Baxter, how sweet & thoughtful! Thank you Jocelyn, it will be a few months before they fit into them, they're so smart looking!

I love the stylish look of the ski coats, see the three zippered pockets? It's large enough to hold a small treat for them.

I'm going to have to take them downriver to Baie-Ste-Anne & walk them with these beauties on!
If I can only get Baxter to move with me on the leash! lol

The temperature is going up again tomorrow to +4  tomorrow & then +7C the next day!!
Maybe some snow tonight too. 

Easter is coming...that means spring!

Thanks for stopping in. I blog more often when Bill is in China, he wants to see the puppies & what their up to. I tell him everyday but seeing them & their daily adjustment to home in Hardwicke, keeps him in tow that he's not missing their growth.

Those of you with warmer temps, I see, no, I feel how good it feels to have the sun on the face again.

The painters are coming tomorrow!


  1. My Bridget looks so small next to Mr Boot. Enjoy your new little sleepy family members. It's been nice the last two days with the warmer temperatures and the snow melting.