Friday, February 10, 2017

Snowy Day Brightened By Bill!

Bill's flight was delayed a couple of times this morning, due to the Moncton Airport needing to be plowed. The same was true for here too... I needed to be plowed out for him to come up the lane way.
I watched Allen, our plow guy do both my neighbours lane ways. And waited for him to come up mine and waited but no snow plow. Then I saw Bill come plowing through with his pick-up truck.
I told him that I thought he forgot about me as the lane wasn't done. He told me he hadn't & was 1/3 of the way up our lane & was in our side ditch! Oh my, now I felt real bad for him. Bill & a friendly neighbour helped shovel him out.

                                 I was inside,  upstairs in the mezzanine taking these pictures.

 How great is a snow plow like this, it works from the front with the bucket or the back with the blower!

                                                 A cloud of snow goes into the woods!

 This is a loaner plow as his is getting fixed, nearly 4 weeks of waiting on parts...the dealer gave him a loaner and he's not happy with the performance of this one. His had more horse power & stability, he never fell in the ditch last year with his tractor!
It was good for Bill to meet another one of neighbours! Thank you for clearing the way Allen!
Good luck on getting your tractor fix. See you next plow time!

Funny Story~~~~~~~

Bill had to go through security this morning to get on his flight to Moncton.
While in security, two woman security officers were talking, he could hear them say, ''Well I think they're dishes.", the other said "I don't know I see other things". Well that was Bill's suitcase that they were talking about.
''Excuse me sir, is this your suitcase?" Yes, replied Bill. We would like to see the contents of your suitcase, could you open it? He did and as he did, he started to explain that his wife had a Royal Doulton, Bunnykins collection & wanted to have it with her for Easter.

                              This is the suitcase.. My Canadian sweater was used for padding.

                                                        Inside were the Bunnykins!

I guess it does look rather dodgy for a man to have such a carry on suitcase. lol

 Neither woman knew what a Bunnykins was. As they opened the carefully packaged items they were delighted at the contents, ''Oh look at this one" the other would say, " Oh you have to see this one!" After several were unwrapped & revealed, Bill asked politely, "Excuse me, can I go now?" Yes was replied.
How funny to have these dishes & figurines, put smiles & giggles into these working professionals.
After hearing the story from Bill, it made my day, that Barbra Vernon would make people just as happy as she did with her figure drawings on children dishes,  from the 1930's!
It's a wonderful story.
Here's some of dishes that I've been collecting since the 70's up to now.

 A big thank you to all my girlfriends for collecting these plastic inserts from cereal boxes, cracker sleeves, ice cream cone sleeves, etc. Cynthia, you even took my request to work & a big thank you to you! Lou you had a great idea & I ran with it!

 All my rabbits arrived with all their delicate ears intact! This is a Beatrix Potter music box, it's nearly 30 yrs old. Mitchell your Aunt Margaret & Uncle Scott presented it to you upon your birth!

 I could not resist this music box, I brought it back from one of my England trips in 1992. Bunny abuse, Peter rabbit being punished by his uncle.

 Bunnykin figurines, Bill gave me the wedding ones, for an anniversary present. Very sweet!

 Some of  the Robin Hood 
Collection 2002

 The Bobby came back from England from another trip & more Robin Hood figurines.
                         1972 Mrs. Rabbit, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, & Baby's First Outing.

      A trademark to the Bunnykins design, is the rabbits running around the outer edge.

 How delightful are these daily living, family drawings of rabbits?! It was love at first sight for me!
Notice the name on the right, those are the antique dishes, she was a nun in a convent & it was her father that took her drawings to be made into children's dishes. She would go bling & could no longer draw & the popularity of the dishes took off. So an artist did her styling & added a mouse in the picture as his signature. Who would know?!
See the mice, this is a signed drawing, this is were he would get the idea for his signature & no one would know. Would they?

 This is not a Bunnykins but a design with her styling to it, it is not a Royal Doulton either.

 Beatrix Potter was the first to give personality to animals & put clothing on them.

 Tom Kitten is one of my favourites, Mitchell this is the plate you ate from as a little one, I'll serve you carrot cake on it this Easter. XO
There are a lot of pieces & each one is different, such delight looking at the activities draw by a very special talent nun!

 Bill also brought back some of Boris's old enamel bowls. They will be needed on Monday.
Funny how I had two bowls for one puppy, must have been at a good price! lol Handy now!!

Another Surprise~~~~~~

Bill was in Colorado this week & his motel was next to a Hobby Lobby. Look what he brought me home for 'my stash'. I asked for eyes & noses for the Boston's I made this week.
Thank you sweetheart, you are my soulmate! Forever And A Day!

The Floor Is Finished!

                                                    How beautiful is that floor now?!!

 The stairs are darker, as the stairs are hemlock, the bottom landing is pine, & the floor is spruce.

                                    I love the texture & colour of the antique brown stain!

                                                     The pine landing looks so good too!

 Thank you Maritime Hardwood Floors, I know I changed my mind several times about the stain colour but I had to get it right as there was no changing it once it was done. It is done & I love it!
Baseboards to go on, then a new coat of paint on the walls & furniture so I can sit & really enjoy that room! The two coats of varnish need some hardening time. Till then I'm enjoying the 'echoing room'.

 Well Bill is home for a few days before going to China. I'll post pictures of the baby Bostons on Monday! OMGoodness  three more sleeps & we go to get & bring them home to their, forever home!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thank you for stopping in. I hope you too were delighted with the Royal Doulton - Bunnykins! The story alone should have made you laugh!

Stay safe & warm.

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  1. Hi Cynthia. I love your Bunnykins dishes and story at the airport. I always love those designs although I never bought any.

    Your renovated floors and stairs looks great. Another storm on the way and my granddaughter is almost at her due date. I hope she doesn't decide to go during a bad storm.

    The two puppy bowls will come in handy. You are so lucky to have a soulmate like Bill. Stay warm and safe.