Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cottage Life

 Boris in his basket having an afternoon sleep
 Tommy in my chair having his afternoon sleep

 More snoozing photos of the pets, they are so relaxed here at the cottage.

The embroidery girl looks like the doll I made, here's a few cottage things I made in the 'kids' guestroom.
I made the Boris Loree rug last year with the help of the Miramichi Rug Hookers & I'll be starting a new one with their help next month when the weekly meetings start up again. Exercise classes will start up too & with all the studies coming in as we age...we have to use it or we'll lose it! I wish I enjoyed these activities - although I feel so good afterwards & if you keep doing something you form a habit. That's what I'm gearing to do!

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  1. Your little pillows are cute and so is Boris Loree rug. Cottage life must agree with the fur kids. They are all so relaxed. JB