Saturday, August 11, 2012

Safe Journey

 This week has been a fun one for Boris too! Bill & Nick sure gave him a run fetching the ball. It was a bit of competition, between the two,  to see who could through the ball the farthest. Boris would run his hardest to fetch & retrieve the ball. It was Bill, who still had his baseball arm from his younger baseball playing years with Armo Tool, that & he told Nick you have to warm the arm up!

The 96' SVT Cobra Mustang is on her way back to London & my more practical Ford Escape has been delivered.

Getting the car loaded on the trailer was an event in itself! As Bill was riding it on...the front wheels went on then the back wheels spun & through both the ramps off! Oh my, I thought my side exhaust were crushed for sure. Nope!! the frame of the car held her safely. Again my angels are watching over my mental state!

 With a Nick on watch & some carefully thought out strategy by Bill --- I'm on the porch watching & commenting...with Nick saying "Mom just" & his hand waving in a downward motion.
 More strategy...
 Man power, in flip-flops! and pajama's!
 It's still not balanced...oh I forget to mention that the car battery was dead & it was jumped with the Escapes power. When Bill was relieved that all four tires were on the trailer -- oops, he shut it off!
So man power was used...not enough power. So off the porch I came & gave it some women power! YES onto the trailer she went. Never a dull moment here for the neighbours entertainment.

All loaded onto the trailer & a good thing too as it rained just afterwards & the ground would be slippery to push when wet.
I'm going to miss the beauty of that little gas guzzler & the sound of her powerful engine. I think it's the race driver in me or the missing of my driving days.

 My little porch has it's window box in place with my Mother's Day  flower's from Mitch. Bill commented how happy he was that after seeing the trailer distress & yelling out instructions from my porch chair...that I said "I'll get some shoes on & help push" It really was the woman power that they were lacking!  LOL

 OH THAT DAY!! it did not end with the trailer incident...The water pump was seized upon arrival & after Bill's working the pump to run, we thought all was well. WELL, all was not well,  with our well! The part that goes into the well was too short & after many trials & tribulations Bill & Nick sourced out the problem. I forgot to mention that the water I gave them to prime the pump was saved water for the toilets during last fall's hurricane was 2x's HE Purex!  the suds that were created with the power of the new pump - overflowed suds...all over the basement making it impossible to work until the suds  were diluted. Our water was not working so off to the Coop Nick went to purchase jugs & jugs of water. He said the girl did give him a puzzling look.
 It would be the next day before this pump problem would be fully worked out. Bill was told by one of the knowledgeable elders, how lucky we have been the last three years with the pump! the water levels have been high so the attachment to the well  reached to connected. It has been a dry season everywhere in North America, our grass is the colour of hay. On a positive note, the bug level is very low!
With this being the last day the guys would be here -- did I mention my guardian angel? She works overtime with me! how lucky was all this timing.
 Those that know me, know that I have a deep fear for what has been fondly called "The Porthole To Hell" that's the trap door that leads to the basement. I've never been down there nor do I care to. I cannot tell you the hours that Bill, Mitch, & Nick have spent down there. I just know they love me very much to endure such a place, to make things right for me.

3AM this morning. Priorities set...Bill with the food & drink for the 16 hour journey home...Nick with his memory foam pillow for comfort.
Do these guys look happy to leaving this cottage oasis? it is 3AM! Safe journey.

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  1. I love that they needed WOMAN POWER to move that car. he he he.
    I hope that you are all back home safely by now. I only have one home to look after and it's a struggle to keep things in running order. JB