Monday, August 6, 2012

New Brunswick Arrival

 With the 16 hour trip from Ontario behind us & all the unloading & organizing nearly completed, today was a fun day. A day that Bill & Nick learned to clam dig with instruction from my girlfriend Valma.  Valma in the summer of 2009, taught me to pick blueberry's. As a city girl I purchased them in the grocery store & never had picked one, nor seen how they grew. What delight I had & frustration Valma had with my slow picking, she was at least 6 berries to my one! She's a little person with a huge heart for everyone & was my first friend here on the Acadian Coastline.
 I'll do all the photos as I'm hydrophobic & have been all my life. I love the sound & smell of water...I just don't go in. I'm also 'highly allergic' to shellfish. I do love this part of Canada! & I eat fish & chips here!
 New stone was installed to private beaches (a lot went together bring the cost down) last fall to prevent the erosion of their shoreline. Tide is out & the clams can be found!
 Watching them out there - I know how short pants got there name 'clam diggers' lol
Valma shows 'the tap'

 The breeze felt great - however it made it more difficult to see ' the bubbles ' from the clams
 Valma's husband Pete joins in. Soon the bucket pails are being filled.

 Valma then steam cooked the clams in beer for the guys
 The feast begins!

 Bill feasting on his 'catch of the day'
 Sitting in the shade on this beautiful perfect afternoon day, yes this feels like a vacation.
 A well deserved vacation for Bill & Nick. For me it just feels like home, I love it here!

 The living room in the cottage is usually filled with rug hooking frames or quilting projects -- this year the guys are here & it's archery equipment from our son Nick.
 Nick retrieving his arrows - the love of having space for such activities

What an end to a perfect long weekend! Look at that sky, the water, the day. It's moments like these that you know - life is good!

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