Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blue Moon & My Birthday

Here are some photos of the 'Blue Moon' that I captured - another awe moment for me to share. However somethings are just more spectacular seeing them up close in person, it was one of those moments for me :-)


 Let's play with scraps...
 These are some of the leftover scraps from Bill's quilt...1" squares & a piano key border & voila!

 I think I was more pleased with the playing on this design than doing the big 75" x 95" quilt! I love the accomplishment with 'Something From Nothing' a great children's read if you ever get the chance.
 Simple pleasures through simple design & the colours harmonize with my primitive table topper too!
 But wait...more scrap bits leftover, a wee crushed walnut pin cushion was created. Using those one inch squares up.


 Flowers arrived a day before my birthday,  this time it was from my son & his family.
 I got my husband for my birthday this year!! He flew in & a wonder time was had till he left.
 These flowers are beautiful!
 Awe Donny, you shouldn't have but I'm glad you did!! Huge splash of colour in the cottage & the flowers were sprinkled with a silver, sparkly pixie dust, they glittered in the light!

 This is Olive, my 'birthday twin'. Bill & I stopped by to wish her the best on her birthday too! She was working at The 10,000 Villages day in Miramichi, put on by St. Andrew's Anglican Church. Yes, I made a few purchases for the cottage, wicker baskets with blue & white ceramic handles, they're very nice.


 Then we drove an hour & a bit up the coast, to see Ursula & George for lunch, at a restaurant that had a wonderful view. Little did I know that this place also gave 1/2 price birthday discounts & free cake to anyone that had their birthday whilst visiting!~ All I had to do is show proof via drivers licence. It was Bill`s favourite, chocolate cake!!

 The view was that of Gaspe Bay, way over the water & the harbour colour with all the boats was something out of a picture. The outside patio was closed & there was a lot of mosquitoes outside, so we were content with the view from inside.

 And having Bill for my birthday was such a treat!
 And having such a nice couple as George & Ursula to celebrate it with me.

 A boat on the water...
 Boats in the harbour
 Calm sunny day, the water was like glass

 I received some wonderful gifts, however this one made me chuckle!! Pickle fat 8ths in a jar, the quilters will get this, others will just like the idea of fabric pickles. She also made me a needle holder. So thoughtful thank you and everyone that called me, emailed, & mailed coloured envelopes with best wishes for me. I`m thankful and want you to know that you made my day!

Four days later & the birthday flowers are as beautiful as the they came into the cottage. Fresh cut flowers are not as easy to obtain here out in the rural area of New Brunswick as they are in southwestern Ontario. There I get them frequently at the grocery store for as little as $5.00 a bundle. Here it's all about plants & June's been seeing to it that I have my share of those too!

This has been a great year for me & I look forward to seeing many more! And remember `Age Is Just A Number`, this saying would be said  many times by Namama, our Hungarian grandmother. She had life down to a science, she`s gone now...never forgotten.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cynthia, you sure have been showered with love and gifts. The flowers are beautiful and your little quilt and pin cushion too. I love the idea of pickled quilting fabric. Real cute.