Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cottage Summer Begins

This was my morning sunrise this morning,
I just love love the look of the sky, the clouds, the stars, it's so different to the city sky I've grown up with. This whole area rejuvenates me, physically, mentally, & spiritually. In New Brunswick, I feel at home.

I'm glad last week is behind me, wow what a challenge on coping! Sunday afternoon - no water. Two days earlier a new water pump was installed by my husband Bill & son Nick. Saturday was fine, they left that morning to go home to Ontario. Sunday was the beginning...and my introduction to Maynard the Plumber. He was wonderful about the whole mess I was in & fixed the problem - only to tell me I had big problems down in "the basement"errrrrrrrr I really don't like that basement. Monday I awoke to no water again! he was called & came an hour later to tell me my pipe had bust through the night! He installed a new tank & the OK was given to install all new pipes that week - making the problem 90-95% better. So life is good at the cottage once more. :-)

Let the fun begin!

 This weekend I started to do a quilt with all my problems behind me I was able to have some of my own Kyrotime.
On the mystery bus tour last winter I picked up this Oriental Fabric Kit, to do Asian Memories for my husbands new office.
With the 20 Oriental fat quarters & the Turning Twenty Pattern by Trish Cribbs, I cut & sewed, then cut & sewed some more. These are my stacks, I think it will be a stunning geometric stained glass effect when it's done. Photo to follow. That was my fun so far this week. The not so fun part was bringing my sewing machine that was in a closet for years to the cottage & having a nightmare of a time with the lower tension. Finally after changing the throat plate, needle, & tensions the machine is playing nice with me, however I do miss the walking foot option from my Phaff.

Friends And Fun

Yesterday Aurella & I went into town to say Bon Voyage to Francis, she's a world traveler & was leaving for Italy for holidays. We had a wonderful fish & chip lunch, Judy's not in the photos but was there with us.

 Smile Francis!
 Aurella smile! No!
 Smile, come on...
 No! I don't smile in photo's, was her reply...Aurella takes our photo!

Nice photo of our summer sandals!

Now this is a smiling photo! Thanks Aurella! Bev, Francis, & I had fun afternoon with you! 
Bon Voyage Francis!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, I'm glad that your plumbing problems are all behind you now and that you have gotten acquainted with your old sewing machine again. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creation.

    That sunrise picture is awesome. It's so nice having friends around even when one doesn't want to smile for the camera. I saw a wee smile just the same.
    Have a great week. JB