Monday, July 30, 2012

Colourful Beauties

 This morning took me by surprise, seeing more colour in the gardens. For three years I've not seen my garden in the summer. It was a simple yearly bloom for the awe moment. One that I had forgotten from years ago.
 The Morning Glory is one of my most favourite flowering vines
 The Rose of Sharon has bursted into its full bloom & I'll tend to the seed buds this fall. If you don't cut them off it's a lot off new sprouts come spring next year. I learned that the hard way!
 These beauties always have a mildew dusting on the leaves - however the flowered tops are gorgeous.
 Even the tiny ones sing with colour.
 Photos just don't show the texture I feel in these blooms.
 So delicate & pretty, whatever they are.
 This pot of petunias is all that's left from my Mother's Day surprise from Mitch. I'll be taking these to the cottage to add a splash of colour there & await his visit.
 Trumpet Vine is a great complimentary colour to the Morning Glories & the humming birds enjoy them too!
 Last fall when I came home I cut this down to nothing & made several wreaths with the vine. These two are going to the cottage to be decorated with sea shells. It's so fast growing I think next year I'll start one over the birds aviary.
Pretty in pink too!
It was a awesome way to start my day, they're calling for rain tomorrow - live each day to its fullest.
Today is beautiful.  :-) Take time to smile and enjoy it!

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  1. I love your Morning Glory vine. I planted two by the utility post a few years ago and something dug them out before they even had a chance to grow. I was so diddapointed.

    Nothing like beautiful flowers to perk me up too. Thanks for sharing your pretty blooms. JB