Thursday, July 5, 2012

25th Wedding Anniversary

 The Fourth of July was our 25th Wedding Anniversary, something very special and also something that came so fast for us---we must be having fun! I came home yesterday from a stitching afternoon with Lynn & Bev, in the pouring rain & noticed as I came to the side door to get in that the holly bush container was upset. Thinking of the rain storm that was upon us, I just entered the house, not to get too wet. Wanting to see more of the storm I went to the front door & opened it & found a wet note placed between the screen door saying 'your flowers are at the back door'. Running to the back patio door, there was nothing, then I noticed in front of my studio door a huge colourful bouquet awaiting me :-).
 My first impression was my husband has surprised me with flowers on this special day, I read the dripping wet card and smiled. It was signed,  Love Alice. She was the one that surprised me! Thank you for your thoughtfulness Alice & the flowers are so beautiful & full...just like mine & Bill's love for one another. We've so much history together & much more to come.

My anniversary surprises continued with Bill announcing Monday night that he would be back on Wednesday night to take me out to dinner to our favourite restaurant, Villa Cornelia. Last evening, we're greeted by the owner & she catered to us on this special evening with excellent service & conversation. What a wonderful end to the day. But wait there's more,  Bill stayed overnight & left at 4:30am to go back to work.
Thank Bill for being my everything and I shall love you, Forever And A Day. XO


  1. Happy Anniversary. I still remember Kayley calling you two the Bride and the Broom!
    Lots of love, Margaret

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary. It looks like you have married your soul mate. Love the beautiful flowers. JB

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