Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 2012 - Wee Hanger

 July's calendar is done. I was so tired of looking at May...June was a blur & was never started, now it's July & I'm somewhat current! I love flip-flops in the summer. Flip-flops were our only summer footwear,  when we were kids. Oh the blisters come September wearing leather school shoes again.  
The flowers on the flip-flops are from a polyester carnation that I took apart & the hole from the plastic stem - was ideal for the end of a shank button, voila! dimensional flowers.
I think I'll start August early, I head for the cottage in New Brunswick & the sewing machine there does not have the fancy buttonhole stitch that I put these together with, come to think of it...September's not done either. I do however have October finished from last year!
So much to little time :-)

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