Monday, July 23, 2012

Diesel Gets Sprayed By A Skunk!

 I cannot believe my luck today! First thing this morning at 6am I motioned to turn the light switch on & missed the switch, I over guessed the height & brought down my country ceramic cross with the Lord's Prayer on it. I've turned that light on thousands of times...I picked up the many shattered pieces from the stone floor & put the pets outside for their morning whiz. With this being garbage day I put the blue boxes out & as I was coming up the laneway---NO the too familiar smell of skunk!
Looking at the two dogs, which one? Cringing Boris (whom has had several spray's) or Diesel, yes the blonde face had dark yellow areas to it, Diesel it is! What luck for him, he's flying to Calgary tomorrow. Boris knew the ritual, Skunk-Off, the paper towels, & the gloves came out ! 
Thank Liz for getting me more Skunk-Off from Boris's last spraying & Diesel's introduction to this ritual.
Lucky for him, he was sprayed only on the right side of his head. He's had the Skunk-Off on 3 times already, as soon as it dries, my gloves go on again & his head is rubbed down.
He has a real punk rocker look going on right today.
 I finished his blanket for his plane ride...he's not riding with this blanket yet, I'll get an old one that can be disposed of, for his crate tomorrow. Sierra's Hope is the kennel that he was breed from & Mitch (whom I've heard is laughing about this spaying) gave him the name Diesel. I'll be laughing the first time Diesel gets his coat wet & he has the skunk smell back!

I had him sit, he'd rather lie, on his blanket for a photo shoot. I'm going to miss you Diesel, he has certainly given me memories upon his leaving. And your 'Ode To Skunk' smell will linger throughout the house, long after your gone. I'll miss you big guy. I think Boris will too...not so much the cats, nor the Squirrel. Both cats & squirrel will miss being terrorized by your bark & stare, no I don't think so. :-) 

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