Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diesel's Homecoming

 The London Airport was most helpful & friendly upon our arrive for our flight to Calgary. Diesel sat patiently in his crate as he was sticker-ed up a looked at by the curious.
 Once on the 'oversize luggage' conveyor belt, my heart sunk & the anxiety for me to know he was going to be alone & confined. 
 The last "I love you & I"ll see you in Calgary" & I walked away...not feeling so good. All through the flight I was thinking about him & how this was so different than being in the back of the Ford 350 diesel trunk on our 16 hour adventure to the cottage. Diesel has made that trip twice & back home again, this was so different.
 In the Calgary Airport we were greeted anxiously by our son Mitchell. As I hugged him I couldn't stop wondering were time has gone, he's such a handsome big guy...not my little cub anymore,  I would call him Boo Boo from the Yogi Bear Show. He's still cute & cuddly!
 The Kodak moment :-)
 Diesel was so out-of-it, in a daze or maybe the silence in the air & not the flight ears or that feeling of just being on the ground. Once in the truck he ate & drank and started act more like himself.

 Mitchell made his boy this house...he will not go in it yet. Under the porch is a wasps nest that he found yesterday & got stung several times. I tried to do some hand stitching outside in this gorgeous fresh weather  however when word got out to those wasps that the dog was back---several would come out circling him & he & I would run back into the house!
 Diesel just loves birds & he was sitting quietly at the garage staring. I went to investigate I saw this lovely little birdhouse at the end of the garage, hidden by a large lilac bush.
This is so cute! I could not take good pictures as I'm vertically challenged with my 5'2" height -- there are wicker baskets in the center opening & hand painted landscaping on the front.
After seeing this...and knowing Diesel's love for the birds, I asked Mitch to move his house under theirs.
He was out this morning & went into his house all on his own! Birds of a feather will flock together.
I'm loving the fresh air here & the bizarre weather, it rained twice yesterday, sunny, cloudy, windy! all in the same day. Today I hope to see at least one of the seven quilt shops here. I wasn't going to & Bill has on insisted that I should. Mitch wants to go to IKEA with me so I can get him organized a bit more. A fun, fast evening tonight! Dinner reservations too. :-)

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