Thursday, April 6, 2017

Where Is Spring?

So the pups & I would not slip, I wept the snow off the steps this morning, twice!
Where is spring? I'm hoping it is going to be fast & furious, when it does make its appearance.
Till then, I have been photographing the beautiful scenery around the Hardwicke House.
So get a cuppa & enjoy what your missing... After viewing,  I know, better me than you! lol I have to stay positive & Mother Nature really is beautiful.

                                              The icicles have an eerie claw like look to them.

            Visiting my  next door neighbours, gave me a view of looking over to my house.

                             And I was amazed at how all the snow & ice had left the steel roof...

                                      All but the roof that was above the kitchen bay window.

 But is was trying, or looked like it was trying, to hold onto the slippage, with the warmer days & nights.

 Edward Scissorhand, was all I could think of looking out the window, at them! lol

                                    Very abstract in shape, it created interest & beauty to me.

                              As the sun was setting that day, the icicles held a prism like look.

 The view out the kitchen bay window is lovely at sunset. Yes,  the paper-whites & tulips help with my spring day dreaming of times to come.

                          But for now, I accept the things I cannot change & take in the beauty...

                                                     The beauty of the moment of that day.
The Next...

 Mitchell spoke of one of his Alberta days with the fog frost, I think I had it here that day!

                                                  The day was fogging to look through...

 The trees were covered in a very thin ice & if the sun was to shine, I'm sure everything would sparkle & shine.

 It was very difficult to photograph what I was seeing & feeling in this atmosphere.

                                                                   How beautiful is this!

                      Baxter always take the lead into the woodland's edge & Bridget follows.

 They too were feeling the magic of that morning & wanted to investigate further into the woods.

 There was a hush, a silence that morning. All was still, no wind to be heard in the trees.

                            The pups love retrieving broken twigs & they tug of war with them.


Baxter & Bridget get new Canadian sweaters!

 The Hudson's Bay had these sweet little sweater on for $5.68 each. That is a very good deal & with our 150th Canadian theme, the sweaters were perfect!

 It also came with a cutout under the tummy, making it a very functional sweater for the male pup.

                                            He turned to give me the look...'Really?!' lol

                                             After their photos I took them outside again.

                                                                Sweet little Bridget

                                                               Handsome Baxter.

 They make me nervous with their wrestling & after Bridget pinned Baxter, sweaters were removed.

            The teething is still going on & Baxter loves to gnaw on the logs severed limbs.

 These two make me laugh when I watch them. Baxter doesn't even relize that Bridget has their Auntie Ann's chipmunk present. Look at her coming through his legs! lol

Then she dropped the chipmunk to find out just how good of a chew those logs were.


Culvert Digging

 With all the melting happening & more to come & the rain...
Daniel Lebel Excavation, was sent out to help with my water issues.
I was calling this 'On Richardson Pond'. lol

                                    It was quite the job. digging through  the snow bank.

 Daniel made me nervous as he teetered on top of the snow bank, whilst he dug through the snow.

 I watched from the great room window, still looks like winter, this first week of April.

 As my contractor Francis told me, 'He will know what to do.' And that Daniel did!

                              See the opening happening & the water leading out to the culvert?

                                         There was several plow loads to dig through.

 This was our first winter & now we know what we have to do to accommodate the thawing.

                                                 Voila drainage to the culvert is happening!

 And drainage into the woodland's edge is also happening on the other side of the lane way!

                                   Finally the black stone is appearing & the water disappearing!

                        Thank you Daniel of Daniel Lebel's Excavation, for a job well done!

Some Sewing

 Week three of the BOW - Patriot Mystery. I think the designer went for the most pieces in one block!

There are 100 pieces of flower pieces to make up the geraniums, she called for 92 in her pattern but my changing of the USA block, needed more flowery spots.
I embroidered Strong & free in place of the USA flag & added a red maple leaf on the bucket, in place of the USA.
Tomorrow the next block 5 will be released, so I best get #4 done. The fourth block is not as challenging as this block!

I've also been working on Canada Eh! quilt & got the PEI block done. One down & 11 to go!

I have to be creative with this quilt as I cut the large blocks wrong & didn't have the same fabric. So I'm using the applique to cover most of my oops up. For an easy quilt it has been hard for me with all my mistakes. When it's done I'm sure it will look OK.

I brought in the summer porch chair, into the kitchen & have to remove one or two pets to sit down.
Doesn't this chair look familiar Pat C.? It's the one from the antique shop on Brydges Street!

If I can't have spring/summer on the outside, I'll bring it inside!

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit. I know it was a long one but it sure was a full week here on the east coast. I don't know how people can ever say they are bored!
I love my full life & a week today all the sons will be here for Easter. Long overdue, it was Easter 2004, since they were together at Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter, wherever you are!

Easter is a season of new hope. Happy Easter!


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  1. Wow Cynthia, how could you ever get bored with those two dogs and all the sewing you do. You fill your life with great projects and meet the challenges dead on like that big water puddle.

    I just love that Geranium block and the Canada eh quilt... Just beautiful.
    Here I'm busy with calves being born, I've been so tired that I needed to nap after my morning work. We had two new one today and possibly another one before the night is over.

    Here the snow is melting and it appears that there not much frost in the ground as I have some daffodils coming out through the snow.

    Have an enjoyable Easter with your family. It should be a very special one this year for all of you.

    Thanks again for your wonderful gift. I really cherish it.
    Hugs, Julia