Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's Melting...

Looking at Bridget, she just melts your heart.
Then, with the camera on her I get this photo!!!

 She has been why the Bose stereo is always unplugged! I thought that it was their rough housing around the cord & that was how it was unplugged!
Oh my... the antics of puppies, you just can't leave them alone!
When Mitchell was two years old, that little left handed toddler, was able to use a screw driver & remove those electrical plates. No rest for the wicked! lol

                                            After scolding her, doesn't she look sorry?

 Baxter & Bridget wrestle together all the time, indoors & now outdoors, on the back lawn.

 These two little buts keep me busy with my poop bags. The other day I didn't clean up from Bridget but the next time out I went over to scoop poop & noticed how unusual it looked. Their poop varies from what ever they have been teething on, pieces of wood or wicker or even ribbon on occasion.
So I pulled my glasses off my head, they're used for a hairband at times when I'm walking, & still the poop looked strange...

 Nestled next to her poop was a frog! It was there staying warm or waiting for flying insects to come.
I'm sure glad I pulled those reading glasses over my eyes or that poor frog would have been scooped up with the poop & the bag tied! Everyday there's always something going on & this one event still makes me laugh out loud. I heard the frogs in our pond, day & night, it's mating season & soon it will be mosquito season & my love of frogs deepen. Isn't he handsome?!!

Some Sewing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I was auditioning this wee quilt, when Baxter jumped up & waited for me to sit with him.

 I did sit with him when I sewed the binding on his wee quilt. The pups are use to me hand sewing with them on & around me.

 The binding is now on it & the pups enjoy the extra warmth from the quilt.

 One spare block was left, so I sewed it on point & put a border around it & made me a mug rug to sit next to the chair.
I just loved this fat 1/4, it made me think of the Calgary stampede... Calgary = Mitchell & Nicole. xo

Well remember that snow drift that covered 3/4's of the dining room window?

 This is all that is left & with the afternoon sun of today, it should melt. This is the west side of the window, the center has no snow left!

 This is the east side of the window, see the large mucky puddles , in the backyard?

Sweetness, staring you right in the face... Who chewed the hole in the quilt?!

                                                                       What quilt?
 The quilt that I put on the deacons bench! The one that made it through the Route 66,1990's,  first time drag race, the quilt that I made to show everyone that we were Canadian in the USA!

                                                   Someone has chewed holes through it!
Yes you two do look sorry to have upset me, the baby teet are through & now they too will get loose in the next four months & the gnawing cycle begins again! Oh the memories these two are creating for me. I'm going to applique something on the holes. Oh yes, the Boston Terrier silhouette  patch, I remember my sweet memories of Boris but his was from his nails pulling to snug up his blanket.


 The main body of the quilt is done! The gold on the right will go around it & then the Centennial
 Maple Tartan, will finish it & off to the quilter!

 The New Brunswick covered bridge was fun to do, I added another flag above the large opening.

I do so many walks with the puppies, it has allowed me to see things, from the outside!

 This one lonely ice clump, is all that is left in the Miramichi Bay. I saw boats on the water today, lobster trapping will begin real soon.

 Trying to see the boats with my zoom lens, gave me this evergreen view of the water. I don't know where the boats are. lol I love the look & smell of everything around me right now.

 So many ducks are on the water right now. Everything is returning & sounds of nature is all around!

                   The wee dots on the water are the ducks, the grass is starting to green up too!

 I looked at this Thimbleberries table topper I made back in 2004, where does the time go? And that was the year I joined the London Friendship Quilting Guild, to begin my quilting journey. I did a bit of machine quilting but have so many more ideas & knowledge since then.
I put rows of stitches in the blue center & the red borders have a stencil pattern around them.

 I just love how the Frixon pens work with the stencils & that you can get the same stencil in different sizes. This was the month 2 project to the large BOM quilt called Basket Case & I nearly was by the end of the twelve months of this very large quilt, that was edged with 152 flying geese!

Well this week has been a full one with the wee ones. I noticed the other day how much they are growing & gaining their own independence. Where does the time go?!
It has left with winter! The weather here is 4-6 weeks behind SW ON, which makes for a very long winter. It was a beautiful winter here just the same. The pups will not feel the same way as they will have to take that trek outdoors for their relief. Till then we are all just loving the warmer weather with no snow.

I love the frog serenade, it is the spring song of the frogs! The ice & snow is nearly gone off the pond & the area around the outside has come to life, singing their mating songs of praise.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh dear, the puppies are really keeping you busy. I don't think I could go through the destructive stage again. You're such a good sport about it all.

    All your quilts are so lovely, your work is perfection...

    In Fredericton, the grass is growing and the tulips are budding and I have some daffodils in bloom by the house. The water is rising again and although today was sunny and warm, it's has become very windy tonight and I hear a plane in the air. I hope it lands OK in all this strong wind. I'm not very fond of flying and I have my ticket for Ottawa on Wednesday morning.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend.
    Hugs, Julia