Monday, April 10, 2017

The Aftermath Of Winter

The snow has been melting on these nice spring days & the destruction of the snow removal aka snowplow, has made a mark on neighbours & myself.
Oh the joys of rural living,! I feel it is living the dream, from where I come from, it's an oasis  that is one of those... if I knew then, what I know now... next winter will be different, for some of us.

This was Bill's doing, with his snowplow. On the top left of the garbage box, you can see a chunk that his plow took off & as the snow disappeared, you can now see how wonky the middle of the box is.
He moved it closer to the frozen in marker. I get nervous placing garbage near the back, all that snow is the ditch, it teeters. Glad he's home this Thursday! See the lane on the left, it's more like a road 7 the blue box on wheels has to be pulled out to the road every two weeks. Oh my, rural living! lol

 Here are the patio stones that are placed at the side of the road, for the garbage box to go on in the weather with no snowplows.
The snowplow managed to break the majority of the stones. On the left & right of the stones, are 75 tulip bulbs that will bloom in red & white, for Canada's 150 celebration. I want to paint the Canadian flag on top of the garbage box, or a new garbage box if this one cannot be put back together.

                                     This is what I call the 'Humpty Dumpty Garbage Box'!

 Because all the kings horses & all the kings men... will not be able to put this back together again!
It belongs to my next door neighbours. Margie kept telling Dellie to move it off the side of the road.
After two plows it was still in one piece & then it happened on the third plow & ever plow after that!
It's one of those 'I told you!' from his wife Margie. lol

Then further up the road & around the bend, there's Heather's mailbox, or what's left of it!
Two years ago the plow took it out three times in one winter season. So she thought she would be clever & put in a steel one... it's now in three pieces & she collects her mail at the post office these days. I collect mine in a lock box, off the highway, on a curve, that's next to the bridge. Crazy spot for mailboxes & lucky the traffic flow is light.

So I survived my first winter & a spring is just beginning, you can see what the snowplow has done.
Winter is now in the review mirror! And spring awaits ahead!

Sew Oh Canada Eh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is peaceful in my sewing room & old Tom, 18 yrs young now, doesn't mine any of the noise because he's deaf. But I think he can feel the vibration of the sewing machine because he starts to purr as I sew. Bill & the boys use to say the sewing machine puts them to sleep as I use to sew at night, when they were in bed. Now my felines enjoy having a snooze, when I sew! lol

                                I put a pillow in the copper box, that lines the wicker basket.

                                           It's easy to move around, on each end,  it has handles.

 I was sewing the other day & turned around on my swivel chair & nearly jumped! There was Rexton's large green eyes taking me in! He & Tom are becoming cozy these days. lol

                     Mr. Boots is usually upstairs, taking in the sun & grazing on the cat grass.

                                                   The Manitoba block is now done.

                I walked into my sewing room the other day & there they were again, together!

                                                                    Quebec is done!

                                                                     Ontario is done!

 Nova Scotia is done! I'm not pleased with the blue water showing through to the center of the lighthouse. If I had more fabric for the leaf, it would be redone. I'm hoping when it all comes together this will not be as noticeable.

                                    I'm nearly 1/2 done & I'm working on Newfoundland today.

Block 4 ~~~~~~~
                                   I changed out the flag & replaced the stars with bumble bees.

Boston Puppy Update ~~~~~~~~

                                    Bridget-Loree,  yesterday she weighed in at 9lbs 4 ozs.

                                                    Baxter-Loree,weighted in at 12lbs 8ozs.

The two of them are enjoying the sunshine on the front steps these days. The longer days, mean later bedtimes now. They go to bed by 8-9pm & get up at 6-7am to go outside. I put them out nearly every hour & their training is coming but not perfect yet.

I had my camera on hand & took this photo of them. Baxter still has a piece of pink on his nose.
Bridget wanted up on my lap too, she's too small to jump up on the love seat in the kitchen.

The family will be arriving on Thursday afternoon & the puppies are going to love their attention!
I'm going to enjoy a break from them as I've not had a day off since February 13th, the day they arrived at the Hardwicke House.

I still miss my little man, Boris Loree. These two have filled the quietness in the house & upset the cats but everything is working out. My days fly by so quickly & I'll be glad to see the longer days into summer. The sun feels so good & there are days when a winter jacket is not needed, layering is a must though.
This time next week, everyone will be gone & the house will be quiter with just me & the five pets.
I'll blog next week & will tell of our first Easter in the Hardwicke House.

Have a Happy Easter, wherever you are. I'm looking forward to the goodies that Bill & Nicholas purchased at the Lindt Factory. Nick purchased a two pound rabbit!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh my, the plow sure did some damage but living in the country just takes a bit of adjustment.

    My daughter Jackie bought me one of those big green sturdy garbage bin on wheel that the garbage truck driver just hooks on the side of the truck and it lift it up and dumps the garbage in. The cover just flips open on hinges.
    It makes taking the garbage to the curb quick and easy.

    Your Canada Eh quilt is really coming along.

    It looks like having the dogs around has made the cats get closer together for a quiet snooze.

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter in your new home.
    Hugs, Julia