Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunny Days

The weekend out east has been a wonderful sunny one & Baxter & Bridget love going outside, there's so many smells for them to take in.
Last night coming up our lane, I watched as a fox watched, us come up. He turned & ran to the shore. I was reading & the foxes breed mid-March & hunt early morning & sunset for their food.
There's been a lot of fox sightings in our area, so I'll be staying close to home with the pups. No woodland adventures for us, without Bill.

 Bridget sniffs the ground, whilst Baxter sits on the porch. He is not as confident as her, with the stairs.
 Baxter is happy to just watch & wait for me to take him down those stairs. He's gotten so much better this weekend. Bill had the pleasure of taking them outside & Baxter just followed him.

 Bridget tries to coach him down, she's growing so strong & is very intelligent, out smarting Baxter, when they play together.

             Bridget & Baxter pose nicely for me. Very rare to get a good photo of these two!

 And Baxter sits down! lol They turn 14 weeks today & have started to listen when I talk to them.
They come when called & now will sit on command, not for long but they will sit.

 I saw this & laughed, the yellow tulips stayed upright & the mauve tulips took a bow!

 The afternoon setting sun is now in full force in the great room & the pets just love the warm of the sun. The four black/white pets take in a afternoon nap.
I go to my sewing room, where I find old Tom, sleeping in his wicker basket. He's deaf now so my sewing machine doesn't affect him in the least.

 The sky this morning was quite pinkish red... yes there is going to be 2cm snow this afternoon & tomorrow another 2-4cm. Wednesday is going to be the high of 5C, a beautiful spring day!

 This is the small porch view,  it's just outside the laundry room,  I will hang my laundry from here. The ground has to thaw first,  for the clothesline poles to be installed.

This is block 2, with my version of Canada, for the patriotic quilt. It's a BOW & this weeks block has 92 pieces to cut & sew &... that's just for the geranium flowers!

I want to work more on the Canada Eh! applique blocks. And I need to cut out & sew the BOM Canada quilt along with YouTube's Sew Very Easy, red & white quilt. Deb, I bet your right on top of that one! Your pup is coming & believe me... your life will never be the same & I can't image my life without Bridget & Baxter now. Enjoy your sewing time!

Thank you for stopping in. Easter is fast approaching & I'd like the snow gone & the spring bulbs up!
That is not going to happen here, on the east coast, anytime soon.

Have a great week, wherever you are!


  1. I can see a difference in those puppies every tie you post pictures of them. They sure have grown since you brought them home.
    We see foxes around here too and one of my neighbour lost all his laying hens to them even though they were fenced in. I've lost a barn cat last fall to what I think was a fox down the river bank.

    Your Canada eh quilt square looks very good.
    We're supposed to be getting snow here as well today and as I looked outside, it has already started.

    Enjoy your week.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. oops! it should be every " time" and not every tie. My computer was having hiccups.