Thursday, May 4, 2017

Eagle Scare And Spring Has Arrived!

This morning was a most eventful one. On our morning walk along the top of the shore bank, the pups still had a lot of energy, so we went into the woods to the pond. It was totally unfrozen & the song of mating frogs were now silent from our foot noise. I called to the pups to come & we'll go have breakfast, when Baxter came bolting out with a large vole/mouse in his mouth. When Bridget saw that, it was game on! The two ran into the Anniversary Garden, we me telling them to 'drop it'. Well, Baxter ran up on the porch & yes, he did drop it. I put the pups inside & grabbed another poop bag to tie the dead soul in. They had their breakfast & it was time to go out again, as they left the porch area, I saw a large eagle flying over our driveway. My heart sank, I could only tend to one puppy at a time, with the fright in my voice & command to get on the porch, they listened & followed my instruction. Scary feeling, it all happened so fast.
I was in town today, picking up another 28 pounds of puppy food & was talking to the store clerk about the scary incident . She told me the problem they're having in the city right now is coyotes grabbing the pets, cats & dogs, right out of the backyards. She said there was a vest that the small dog owners swore by, she showed me the wee vest, it was $20 plus tax, X 2 + too much for me. I had an idea...
 I went to Giant Tiger & purchased a work vest. It was made from the same fluorescent fabric that the dog vest was made with. So for $10 plus 15% tax, I can made four! And the matching orange Velcro is included!
This is after two vests have been made. I made Baxter's first & it was too small, it fit Bridget like a glove!
 And they're off in their new fluorescent vests, they also have the yellow markings & the nighttime reflective tape!

 I made both of these in just a 1/2 hour & then we were back outside, to burn some of that energy!

                                 Bridget is a small 9lb' er but she can pin Baxter pretty good!

                                                She has 'the look' that scares Baxter. lol

 It was a beautiful day here on the north east coast, the water is blue again. I was oh so tired of the white, ice & snow. The green is even starting to green up ... June must be coming! lol By the end of June your cutting the grass every 6 days.

 The fabric took a beating with these two playing tug of war, with their teeth.

 That is Bay du Vin Island, the home of several eagle pairs. I'm hoping that the construction coloured, vests help Baxter & Bridget,  not look like a meal.

                                                       Big hug, I'll protect you, little sis!

 Baxter is getting worn down by Bridget, his tonque is beginning to hang out. lol

 She's styling her vest. I can't wait to get them sunglasses to wear by the water. Bulged eye dogs are prone to eye trouble, I don't want blind dogs as they age.

 So much dirt around the yard, next month is topsoil time! Then the grass seed, will be spread.

                    I use to think Eagles were majestic, now I fear them with the puppies around.

                        These two make me laugh, the way they push & shove each other.

                                        They're smelling something that has their interest!

 The potting shed will be moved next month when the top soil goes down. It needs to go further into the woods.
 Walking down the laneway, the red robin is singing its song. That is my favorite bird!!

 Our woods were hit hard from the ice storm in February but today everything is beautiful... just like the song! lol
 There's so much dead brush & tree branches in the woods. Bill said it will take us 10 years to clean.

 This is an open area that is full of dogwood bushes, the green grass on the laneway's edge is coming to life too!

 So many dead trees to be removed, over time. Time is the one thing that will fly by.

 aonce the growth of the weeds takes over, everything will be covered again.

 This is the only time of year, that you can see the tangled mess in the woods.

                           Some trees are shorter than last year, due to the ice storm & the wind.

 The lane going home is just the best for me. Baxter & Bridget love the walk down the lane too.

                                         Take me home, to the place, where I belong...

                                       Today has been very eventful for Bridget & Baxter.

 They are growing up so much & their love for the outdoors will only grow stronger. I hope these little vests help with deterring the birds of prey.

                                                           Buds, there are buds on the trees!

                                                                        Blue skies...

 And buds on the bushes, everything is coming back to life...

 Even the ants!!! With so much sand around us, we always have ants! I'll be using the fossil flour around the outside of the house.

                                I was surprised at how well the fabric stood up to the wrestling.

                                                     Almost Heaven, for these two!

Some UFO's~~~~~~~

 I've been working on some ufo's. This one needs some more machine quilting done on it, I did a work shop 2008, at CQA in Newfoundland. This was Tessellating Tiles but I'v forgotten the instructors name, she was from England.

 My girlfriend Jocelye gave me a piece of fabric that made her think of me because of the Boston Terriers on it. Thank you Jocelye, it made a perfect backing for this project!  Two different looks with this one table topper.
 Presently working on the last border of the Canada Eh Quilt. It's the Centennial Maple Leaf Tartan.
The top fits perfectly before the side borders, so I'm thinking of adding cornerstones to it.

 I love this perpetual calendar, it has a block for everyday & a variety of sizes too! This makes me think of the energy windmills, I think maple leaves would be over kill. I'm going to make one & addition it. Maybe I need to stick to the maple leaf theme?
I'm thinking about it.

 This Kaffe Fassett fabric, called Lotus Leaf & muslin fabric,  is going to be used on gathering aprons for the June 3rd EBH Garden Club sale. It's an apron that is pulled up to gather fruits, veggies, or can be worn to hold your clothes pins.
Handy to wear when you need to have your hands free & a very large pocket is needed.
These ladies will be styling!

 The Garden Inspiration collection by Kansas Troubles, is going to be made into the Scrappy Staircase Quilt. I'm going to use a Kona snow for the staircase, so it looks like a trellis.
I won't let myself start this project until the tartan is sewn on!

 My sewing room has dozens of UFO's swirling around & many more ideas & projects to do!

 Old Tom is my watch cat on duty & has settled nicely into the room. His basket has taken over my cutting area & he seldom leaves that area. Rexton likes the room too & has a basket on the floor near the window. Mr. Boots has my bedroom & holds the bed down till I get there. I really appreciated his 22lb body warming the spot,  where I would sleep, on the cold winter nights.  Very thoughtful cat.

 My girlfriend Elizabeth gave me this fun bag this Christmas. I went rug hooking today in Miramichi, it was so good to see everyone again. The puppies have taken so much of my time that my life has been put on hold for them. But like everything in life, this too will pass. It was nice meeting new members at the club too.

 This is the rug I'm working on right now. I've not been hooking much but with the weather warming up, I may take it outside & sit on the porch with those precious puppies of mine.

I picked these daffodils from the garden at the Carroll Cottage. There will be more in bloom by now too & the hyacinths should be ready too! I love the coming of life of spring, it has been a long winter for me here. I don't mind though, the wait has been worth it, specially after a day like today!

I hope your spring is awaking your senses too. So much to be thankful for.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery,  today is present, a wonderful gift indeed!



  1. Wow, you have so much going on, never a boring moment in your life. I love your instant creative idea that you can make those vest for a fraction of the cost plus the satisfaction that you made it yourself and it saved you money. I hope the eagle will prefer field mice to your puppies. Their eyes are so sharp.

    I'm in Ottawa for the tulip festival that started this week but it's been raining. The tulips are in bloom in the neighbourhood and the grass is green.

    Wishing you sunshine.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. The vest are brilliant! Well done. Seems your sewing room has the same look as when you had your studio outside of Kennon Place ;) - just like mine!