Friday, June 3, 2016

June & The Foundation Begins :-)

The beginning of this summer month has begun with rain here in northern New Brunswick.
I keep getting reports of the weather in China from Bill, very hot & humid 41C with humid-ex of 49C! & the SW Ontario reports of the 'hot, hazy, & humid'. It's cooler here & I like it!

 It was early morning when I took this picture of my favourite maple tree. I was told that it had to come down to let the new hydro pole go through. Now we're waiting on the word as Francis the contractor, thinks that a limb being severed might be all that's needed. Fingers are crossed!

                          Oh how I love a sunny day by the shore, with the blue water & skies!

                                                              Absolutely, heavenly!

                                         The bleeding hearts are really looking good too!

          And the lilacs are beginniing to bloom too, summer is finally here...I'm hoping no frost!

The Hardwicke House 

 This is the view from the old kitchen window, it use to be grass before the big mucky, watery, hole.

This will be the new view from the kitchen's bay window. How nice is that view?! After some landscaping to fill in the stumps that were removed & the construction mounds, it is going to be breathtaking!

                                                 So much digging was done early this week.

 The telephone pole, in the center of the photo, is coming down & being relocated in the woods.

This is the area that they've marked out. I thought it was where the propane tank was going to go. lol
No it's for the telephone pole that I paid for yesterday. Did you know that a pole that's moved will cost $1,826.25 & I joked with them asking if it came in designer colours, for that price!! I may just decoupage my Burberry scarf on that pole!!

 I was surprised to see that Dellie, our neighbour extended his garden of cucumbers, next to our pond. No shortage of water there & I've added the 'Dunks' to the pond to control the mosquitoes.

                  Next year we'll start cleaning that area up & make it more inviting to be around.

 The new pole stakes are in the center of the photo so the hydro lines will be somewhat hidden with the woods.

 I mowed the grass for the first time & will learn to use a weed wacker this year. It really makes the edges look better & will clean up where the lawn mower can't get.

 The tree stump removed is in the foreground & the missing sewing room & house are going to go through major changes this summer.

 This side of the house is what's holding all the items moved out of the rooms to be renovated. It will remain untouched by the construction.

 I cut fresh flowers from the garden & brought them in to enjoy. I really was impressed by the very dark, nearly black, tulip!!

 And the variety of different daffodils too. That's what I always wanted to do, bring in flowers from the garden & this year it was possible. Last year I relied on wild flowers that grew in the lane.

The Boys...
 Tommy & Mr. Boots surprised me by being the best of friends! Doesn't Mr. Boots look content?!

 I watched Mr. Boots get up on the couch & carefully place himself right next to old Tom.

 As you can see, Tommy was in the center of the lawn chair cushion & Mr. Boots took what he could get. I think Tommy liked the warmth of his body next to his. lol Notice how neiher cat is on the 'cat quilt'?!!

                                                                       Perfect Harmony!
The two were lined up, as to be waiting for something.
So I placed another lawn pillow on the cat quilt.

                                                               And Tommy moved over to it.

                                         And Mr. Boots centered himself on his cushion.

                                      I think it's safe to say the rule this wee sectional couch! lol

Progress at this weeks end

             The cement foundation outline is in place & the gravel is on top. No more mud!

 The wee potting shed has been left on its own skid to be moved into place, when the addition is closed in & a better fit will be done into the woods.

                     It's a big hole still but it does look more orderly than the muck whole last week.

 The funky corners will have windows on each side, so the view will always be at the water & the east side will always show the sunrise. The front shore side 90 degree corner is Bill's office & behind it will be our master bedroom.

                          I'm still curious about the large dirt square in the middle of the garage.

                                   This is the back of the garage that opens into the woods.

 Yes, those front windows are going have quite the view of the water & Bay Du Vin Island. ;-)

 The concrete outline is 20'' thick, I've no perspective on size of anything, looking down from the top of the dirt pile.

 At first look last week I panicked & thought that a room was left out, it looked small to me. Both Bill & the contractor laugh at me & both reassure me that it will be plenty big enough.

                                               Standing infront of Bill's office window.
 The exercise room window, I think for once,  I'm going to enjoy being in that room!

 I think the best view of new sewing room & above that will be the stained glass studio.
                                                   Oh my...what a gorgeous view!!

                               And of course the heart of any home, the view from the  kitchen.

 I really must ask why the lump of dirt is left in the middle of the garage. Curious about that, aren't you? Maybe some of you already know why. I'll let you know next post & we'll see if your right! lol

The temporary hydro station for the house, it's going to be chaos for this summer, making the Fall oh so worth it when I'm able to move back into the house, with the space of the new addition!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit in northern New Brunswick. Do drop in again for a visual tour of the Choas = Change.   It's happening!!

Thought for the week.

Always do right - this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

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  1. AH better you than me 0 I don't do well in Chaos. Just know it will be terrific once done.