Tuesday, June 7, 2016

EBH Garden Sale & Some Sewing

Last Saturday, the EBH (Escuminac, Baie-Sainte-Anne, & Hardwicke) Garden Club, had their first plant sale & what fun that was. I was the meet & greet at the front door with the BINGO card. That is a large card with squares that you purchase for $2 & place your name & phone # in. At the end of the sale a number is then drawn & you hope it is yours! If it is your number you receive 50% of the monies received through the selling of the squares. I did not win. :-( and I did not know the winner of the square either. I had fun meeting many people that did not know that I was back home & here to stay. It's such a welcoming community to live in, I'm so blessed to have found this area in Canada. All because I wanted to race on the Miramichi Dragstrip & what a lovely dragstrip it was & I can vouch for it for being one of the best in Canada too!
Back to the plant sale! Several of the members had brought their seedlings & dug from their gardens to produce a wonderful sale. Here are some photos from that 1st annual sale at the T.A. MacDonald Hall in Bay Du Vin.

 Oh how I wish I would have purchased those morning glories, I've some seed that I must start!

 The variegated hosta & the 2 periwinkle plants, did go home with me, excellent shade plants!

 Heather coming in with a trolley of plants to set up & Margie is getting hers ready for the sale.

 Karen had a very product spring & brought in over 200 of her plants & sold potting soil too!

                                 Heather had the big plants, the lupin went home with me. ;-)

 How sweet are these?! My neighbour Dellie made them for the sale, they all sold!

                                            Vegetables were popular for selling.

 Heather & Karen having a plant talk. This was the BINGO square table. I dressed it up with a lap quilt, tulip runner, & some fresh picked lily-of-the-valley from the cottage garden.

 Margie & Donna, setting up quiclkly as people were coming in before the sale opened!

                                                               The vendors were ready!

                                                              And the sale was on!

                       Margie's table cleared of quickly & it gave her time to sit & read the paper.

                            So much green was everywhere & the rain held off in our area too!

                                       Issie having a chat about the day & what a day it was!!

This Saturday a few of us are going into town to the Miramichi Garden Clubs plant sale, oh the thrill of the find for us! Last year that is how I began the Anniversary Garden at the Hardwicke House.

Pet - Cat Report 

                   Old Tom is doing so much better since we've gotten back, he sure loves his naps.

 His paw was sticking straight up, I was unable to photograph what I was seeing, but I have to say it gave me a scare & I had to watch for his breath. He is such a peaceful sleeper.

 The cats all nap after this one awakens me, usually between 4:30-5am!! She will give a small meow noise then will start pushing things off the dresser or night tables! Such an annoyance  for me, I get up & place her outside the room & shut the door. Some times she waits for me other times she will meow loudly, if I'm really sleepy...I don't hear her. lol Just like having chatty kids, mommy, mommy, your not listening! lol

                        I love how when she is curled up, all her white areas all come together!
                           How can this sweet cat be such a brat in the mornings wee hours?!

Mr. Boots like my bed & is the model cat to have. He is always outside my door when I wake up, waiting for me to go downstairs. He has adjusted to being at the Carroll Cottage after being in Ontario. I think cats are pretty resilient when they feel loved & he is by his fur friends & us.

 I hung the Cottage Lane quilt over the spare room door. It so belongs in this nautical themed room.

 Sewing Room

 Here is the spot upstairs that I'll be using for my sewing room. It's the smallest room upstairs but will do the job I need for stitching.
 Talking about stitching...I had to send my sewing machine in for repairs as it was not working well. I received the call back from Joel the technician...I've worn the metal feed dogs down & the throat plate needs to be replaced also!
Yes, that machine has been my work horse machine since I first purchased it at the CQA show in 2008, in Newfoundland. It's been the best machine I've ever had & I'm glad that parts are still available for it. It does everything I need it to do, except cut the thread after stitching.

 The IKEA wrought iron daybed will hold the supplies, I really need to take some time with these things. I can't wait to try out my new oliso iron that was purchased at a quilt shop sale last winter, thank you Ursula for telling me about the sale & picking it up for me!
Yes organization is at the top of all my lists these days. I noticed that Bill placed his jeans in my sewing room for repair too. It's on my list! lol

 The door to my sewing room holds banners & WIP(work-in-progress) I don't have a lot of my supplies here as they were packed away for the removal of the sewing room at Hardwicke & Bill packed my sewing/rug hooking things up & moved them into the sunporch. They're packed nearly ceiling high so I'll just have to be patient & wait till the fall when the reno is over.

 I finally took some time to sew on my old 20 yr old, Pfaff machine. That machine was my first introduction to the walking foot & how much easier it is to sew evenly with one.
I used a nautical charm pack & made hour glass squares. I'm not sure what to do with this piece, I'm leaning towards a bolster pillow cover or a pillow cover, or a cat mat quilt, or tabletopper...so many ideas. But for now the 5" squares have been made into finished 3 1/2" hourglasses.

 I've also been doing some embroidery stitching..

This is a Bird Brain pattern & kit that I treated myself to a couple of Valentine Day's ago. I love stitching & this is called 'My Favorite Things'. It's a pillow or basket cover, pin cushion, book cover, scissor holder, emery needle sharpener, & needle case.

  I think I may have to do this one again, it looks good on a basket I have & will look sweet as a pillow in my new sewing studio this Fall.

                                                   Here are the pieces I've done so far.

 I really like the needle case embroidery, the case will also have pockets for snaps or buttons!

                                  This is the last piece to embroider, it's for the journal cover.

Yes this project will help to keep me organized with some of my sewing things!
With all of the construction & decisions, I need some calm, some 60 beats a minute & that is my sewing. Sewing with the machine or sewing by hand, it has a calming effect on me...that is till my Fitbit tells me to 'move' take another 250 steps. Yes, wearing the Fitbit is a pain but a great reminder for me to keep moving!
As my Irish Grandma Haynes would often tell me, 'Use it or lose it Duck'. She was a mover, specially after her hip replacement! lol Oh the people I miss in my life but I'm so glad I had them & now their memories are in my heart, making me smile at the thought of them. :-)

Thank you for popping in for a visit & come back on the weekend for the Reno Report on the Hardwicke House.
Remember Change = Chaos...I often find me, myself, & I,  reminding each other that this will be good! lol

Thought for this week.

Remember, you are too blessed to be stressed!


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