Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

I had ordered a O Canada flag  kit from Connecting Threads in the USA. When it arrived I realized that it was a square flag. Our flag in Canada is a rectangular flag, so I modified the pattern. 
Ad to my surprise I was able to get two flags made & three coasters! The rest of the red & white  scraps will be used for Christmas or Valentines Day sewing.

The first flag sewn was placed on the front door.

 The 3 coasters were placed on the small round table, they can be reversed,  to show the red/white flags, same fabric as the one shown above.

 The 2nd flag hangs above the TV, & fits in just under the bible shelf that holds the ship.

I was really pleased with the fabric in the kit, it even came with the flag fabric backing!
All made for $15 USD.
I missed not having my sewing machine but the Pfaff never let me down & the zig zag around the leaf went well. I just use to using the blanket stitch as my finish. Creature of habit! lol

The livingroom in the wee cottage is just that...wee space. 
The cat towers take up space but they're used daily for climbing & for scratching.
Old Tom sleeps through everything, he curled up on his feather down blanket snoozing.

To keep with the colour theme for Canada Day, my Mustang canvas bag hangs on the wall.


Let's go into the kitchen.

 I pulled out the red & white April Cornell round  table cloth for the oval table, it worked!

 It so looks like two tablecloths , layered one on top of the other. I covered the chair pads with the coordinating napkins to pull the look together.

And purchased 1/2 dozen cupcakes to go under the glass dome. is missing. YUM!!


Let's go outside the cottage.

 The door decoration from Regal, has different items to hang each month. I was happy to see our flag was there for month of July to show our patriotic spirit!

 I placed both New Brunswick & Canada flags & maple leaf pinwheels in the front flower box, with the red geraniums.

 I just love the look of flower boxes on a house or cottage & the decorating for Canada Day!

                                        Plastic Canada Day flags hang from the side porch.

 And Canada day flags wave in the wind in the small kitchen flower box with more red geraniums.

Armon, a fellow villager, made these lobster boxes for me a few years back. I wasn't able to carry them to the flagpole. They're resting on the garage exterior wall, waiting for Bill to arrive tomorrow & place them with the flagpole. ;-)

 And the flagpole needs to be positioned upwards too! I brought it down during a windstorm & for the life of me cannot get it up again!! lol

 I think the cottage is looking' Canada Day' & ready for Bill & Donny's arrival tomorrow from Ontario. I knew they were coming so we also have chocolate Canada Day cupcakes!

 Lucy is styling her neckerchief with white maple leaves. Liz look at the daisies, when I see them I think of you! Your though of a lot these days. lol

On behalf of all of us at The Carroll Cottage, 'Happy 149th Canada Day' !!!

Thank you for stopping in & have a wonderful weekend & sport some red & white clothing to show your true colours for this wonderful strong & free nation that we live in.

For those of you travelling, stay safe.

God Bless

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