Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Reno Update - What's Behind The Wall?

Well it's just like those Property Brothers Show...
Work has been done inside due to the rainy wet weather that we've been having so inside has started & low & behold many constructional 'things' have been revealed. :-0

The biggie was the large kitchen window had no header on top of it. How did that wall hold up the second story with all the weight on it?!! Oh wait,...  a 2" x 4" at one end to hold the second story up.

 See the 2 by 4 on the right, holding the structural beam?  The contractor, Francis took video of all the discoveries & showed them to me last night. I took these photos today when no one was there.
This is where the fridge, counter, stove, overhead microwave, upper & lower cupboards will be installed. Where the small window on the left(mostly hidden by the support beam)is will be removed & the room extended & at the end of the kitchen will have a bay seating window.
On the other side it will connect the addition to the house. The sewing room will be on the other side of this wall.

 This is the end of the kitchen with the 2 piece bathroom on the left, the window will be removed as will the door & be reinstalled way over on the otherside of the addition in the new laundry room.
Where the door is will be part of the main foyer in the new wing.
The room framed out on the right will be the pantry, with a larger window for my winter herb garden.

 The basement stairs are going to stay in place & will be behind a closed door at the far end of the kitchen. Basement stairs are going to be installed in the garage, that will enter into the new basement.
How cool having two staircases to the basement!

 This kitchen area with the rustic brick will be a seating area with white IKEA, floor to ceiling, cupboards. And a center island with all drawers, on both sides will be between the brick wall & the working counter area. I'm really looking forward to seeing those 190 IKEA boxes come to life in this room!

Let's go upstairs...

This is going to be the guest 4 piece bathroom with a pocket door. I was also informed that the toilets that were removed had also had the joists cut out & again he was amazed that the house stood upright & in place.
Bill & I are both glad that all these things are being looked after & we didn't have any mishaps with them...the Hurricane Arthur showed us the power of the wind & rain so we're just bracing for the future & the intensity of the weather.

The Wet Weather

 I was took to wear my boots when going to the Hardwicke house. This is the mouth of the laneway & oh my goodness it'is so mucky!!! We've had a lot of rain this week & today the sun came out in the afternoon & tomorrow is going to be the high of 20C & sunny. I've got the two lawns to mow down as they've really grown with all this rain. Sunday it's going to rain again with the high of 14C.

          The white Russian lilacs are pink this year, how did that happen? But they're oh so fragrant!

 The view from the trellis in the Anniversary Garden. This is what it's all about have shore front property... it is the view & the sunsets here are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them again this Fall.

Carroll Cottage
 The front yard at the cottage looks like a little pond on a golf course. I've been out throwing Mosquito Bits in the puddles & ditches to keep the mosquito population down.

 Look at the shimmering puddle under the clothes line. That water is past the pole, I know because I stepped in it with my Crocs on & got my socks wet! Mosquito Bits were thrown on this area too. :-)

 Look at The Guardian Gargoyles face...I did a double take when viewing it from my camera. What is on his face? I went outside to see... LOL It's the sun reflecting just perfectly on his face!
Here's his sweet face! Doesn't he look impressed to have cherry tomato vine resting on him? lol

 Another plant sale & more plants! I'm waiting for the eves troughs to be installed before planting.
What a colour place this is becoming, so cottage like as you stroll around the grounds.

 The Lily-of-the-Valley just love all this rain we're getting, they're bushing right out & their flower bells smell so sweet.

                                       The herb garden needs to be put in the boxes too.
Tonight to picked a bunch of thyme & parsley to put in the beef stew I made for my supper & topped it with parsley GF dumplings. Mmmmm so good.

I was mowing the other day & had a horrible black fly bite me just under my sunglasses. It was going to rain again so I knew I had to use the push mower before the growth got too thick to push the mower over. My fitbit again published that I rode a 'outdoor bike' for 42 minutes, LOL that's how had it is to push a gas mower on a hill that reminds me of a football pit. The bite is not itchy yet...I carry the AfterBite with me as the black flies are loving me this year.

I'm still counting on one hand the number of camera selfie's that I've taken. I thought I'd take this picture to show Bill, he's still China,  the hazards of mowing. He told me not to scratch! lol
And tomorrow is another mowing day on the big green tractors. The big one is here at the cottage with me & the smaller one is at that mucky yard in Hardwicke. I think I'm going to spray myself with an 'Ode to Deet' perfume tomorrow!

Thanks for the visit & I hope your yard work is going great for you.

A saw a sign that really makes me think of the month of June here in northern New Brunswick~~~
The lawn has to be mowed every six days.

        I fought the lawn ~ And the lawn won.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Maybe you need to wear goggles when lawn mowing to keep those pesky black flies away, OUCH! Hope the After Bite stuff works.

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