Saturday, June 25, 2016

Foundation Walls Are Done!

The addition foundation outline is now visible & the house is now rising from the ground!

 As I drove up the lane, I was hoping to see progress & what progress Durelle Construction has made. The house is starting to rise-up out of the big hole!

                                            These two open areas are the two garage doors.

                                              Side view of the garage doors up to the house.

 This is the third garage door at the side, it's for Bill's coming & going with the tractor.
Remember the large piece of dirt that was left? Well it is the base floor for the garage.
This part of the addition is not  having a basement under it & with the ground is already compact, it was just worked around. With the drain tiles to install, as you can see on the dirt pile. The opening inside, on the right,  is the entrance to the new basement.

                                                          A view on the north-east side.

                            All the large 6' length windows wil be installed along this wall.

 The east side of the addition has an accordion look to in as it moves in & out. It is going to be so unique inside each room!

 This is where the buck stopped!~ lol  It's where the house joins up to the exciting house.

All windows will be installed along the concrete lines.

  It sure is going to look different when the outer structure begins!

                                     In four months, everything should be done... very exciting!

                                                     Bill plans on putting a gazebo right here.

 I'm going to learn how to work a weed whacker & get rid of the weed growth , that grows quickly on top of the breaker wall.

                                      Oh,  to have a garage, no two garages!! this winter. ;-)

                                                The Anniversary Garden is doing very well.

 The Green Emeralds did not do well, only 1/2  of a tree died, I will have to investigate that.

                                                     The Bearded Iris clumps are gorgeous!

                                                    Some of the lavender even came back!
                                                Another Bearded Iris clump, so pretty. :-)

Kitty Shenanigans

   The orange cat from across the road, visits the cats & they watch for him!
                   Mr. Boots is the larger 20 pound cat & Rexton is just 1/2 that size at 10 pounds.

She is the mean girl though & I have to tell her to leave Mr. Boots alone. One os these days if that cat ever turns on her...

I've been giving the crows my left overs & they've been leaving me feathers?

          I brought in a large beautiful black crow feather & Rexton played with it all day.

                                                       It sure beats buying her toys!

 Do you not think she looks like one of those 'Angry Birds'  licking away at this crow feather?! lol

                                                                             She kicks at it too!
                                                                  And moves it under things,,,

 Just to find it again, she's so fun to watch. 

                                       She has such a delightful time with the crows feather.

She just will stay still & hold on to it. She did this for a good part of the evening. lol

Old Tom just sleeps through everything & gets up to have a drink of water. He started drinking so much that I just leave a refill carafe next to him, for my convenience.

I was painting yesterday, when I heard the glass  charger plates rattling...

                                        Rexton being Rexton, she loves getting high up on anything!

                                                    She sat up there & watched me paint.

I was in town & went to the Crackle & Teal Shop in Miramichi. What a fun inpiring shop to visit. If you have a passion for French Country style, this is the place. There's furniture painted with the chalk paint & of course... chalk paint. The owner was a lovely woman & was most helpful, I'll be back!

 No heavy lifting with a paint week of no heavy lifting Or head bending,  is almost up!

                                                               One coat of FAT Chalk Paint...
                             Two coats of FAT  Chalk Paint & it only takes 20 minutes between coats.
Then you sand the chair to give it its smooth finish & further sanding will show 'worn spots'.
I just love the look of the finished white chair. The tan coloured, oil painted chair, was covered beautifully with the FAT paint, in just 2 applications of painting.

                                                And one finished chair with two more to go!

A Little Rug Hookin'

 I'm using some wool scraps that Marg,  from rug hooking, gave me on Thursday.

 I used the Briggs & Little dark grey & added  the eyelash variegated black/grey/ white.
                            With two yarn pieces of Briggs & Little with on piece of the eyelash yarn.

                             I like the look of a textured bark on this evergreen, thank you Marg!

Well this week was a full one & one that I had to modify & not do what I wanted to do with this eye situation but by behaving, the lighting strikes in the eyeball is quieting down,
I picked up three more Annabelle Hydrangea bushes & one Forsythia aka For-Cynthia bush. lol
I'll get those in later this week after my eye check up & I get the go ahead to lift & move in the garden. Fingers crossed! lol

 Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for stopping by. :-)

And remember ~~~  If you haven't any wrinkles, you haven't laughed enough!


  1. i love the addition and the chairs, does that paint rub off on your clothes?

    1. Good question Barbara! No the paint is then sealed with an application of non yellowing - Fusion, a clear tough coat of matte wipe-on poly. That will be done when the other 2 chairs are done, in a day or two. I chose that product over the wax. Kitchen chairs are a well used furniture item & need wiping down.

  2. This addition looks huge, so are you adding to the homes living space and adding a garage? I hope those six foot windows are facing the water. We live in a really cold climate so not sure if we could get away with no basement. Water issues are not something I want in sub zero weather. Good luck.