Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marjorie Duizer Workshop 2013

This weekend was a full one, mine was to attend a rug hooking workshop & Bill & the boys were to load the 50 foot trailer for the move out east.
This is how my day unfolded...

The workshop was called 'Achromatic Hooking' - hooking using the grey scale with different hues & values or a monochromatic scheme.

For the workshop I made two dozen lemon-poppy seed cupcakes to have with the lunch break.

YUMMY lemon-poppy-seed cupcakes

 Everyone was doing the black-grey colour scheme or sepia scheme from old photos of family & homes. I was going to use what I had...leftover yarns from the polka dots on the Stoneware Horse rug.
It was enough for a chair pad done in a monochromatic blue.

50 Shades of Grey. LOL

 More achromatic black to white shades - with all the grey's in between!

 Sepia shades, oh my such a lovely feel of hand to these beauties.

 My shades of blue yarns.

 I love working with Briggs & Little yarns.

Marjorie Duzier`s Work

 Finished samples of our teacher,  Marjorie Duizer.

 How effective seeing everything as a black & white photo. Those are real black glass beads around her neck! very clever.
 I really liked the look of this one, it has The Group Of Seven feel to it.
 This was my favourite, Marjorie always wanted to do a hexagon shape to a hooked rug, very effective. The colour enhancement was so rich surrounded by the red.

 My teacher Marjorie & I. What a fun time & I was learning lots from the day. I just hope I can remember everything that she had shown us.

 Look at how full our tables were. Creative minds are seldom tidy!

 It was a full class and a fun filled day for all. I was surrounded by so much talent & creative ideas.

 At the end of the day, here is my hooked chair pad. The scalloping is done in the chain stitch that Marjorie taught me. The chain stitch on a round project stops the work from being  wavy and makes the work lay flat on a surface. Good to know when you work round projects! I had a wonderful day rug hooking.

The guys had a very hard working day & they too had to be creative with my fabric...
Did I ever tell how I know I'm a fabric fiend... my ears should have been burning with what my sons & husband where saying!
I did get the china cabinet empty for them, now to get it out!
They managed & I know it was a good thing that I was away.

My upset sewing studio, husband Bill pondering how to get out. lol

This is going to be a VERY FULL 50 foot trail! I do love my creature comforts, you`ll see how lovely the cottage will be. It does look look like chaos though. And the guys when I saw them after my workshop sure had an earful for me. They could not tell me of their adventures without laughing with all the stories. I love them! Best of all - they love me.

 Father & son time after a long day of loading the trailer, Nick was having his computer time at home to settle himself after such a full day.
The guys had a very hard time in my studio...Sew Much Fabric! I was also told that it will be `the last time the black leather sofa bed will be moved!`

In a few weeks it will be your turn Mitch to join our adventure. The truck & trailer are waiting for you & you too will have fun unloading this very full load. It will be a convoy!

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  1. I love the 50 shades of grey, lol. It sounds like a lot of fun to me. Great little rug on your frame.
    On the move down East again, I don't know how you do it. Best of luck on the trip and moving stuff.